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tape 1 - short version - Legal Marijuana in Holland; We Aren't Criminals; The Dutch Moral Majority Speak
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  • For Old NORML Canada website, the one maintained by me 1996-2004, click here, but if your browser isn't ready, SCROLL DOWN.
  • NEW! Another old NORML Canada website, the one maintained by another volunteer web maintainer from August 1997 to about March or April 1998, whose name was Norman Hale. During this period NORML Canada enjoyed two major successes: 1)The Cann-Abyss Bus project and a series of fund raisers partly to benefit NORML Canada and other groups, and 2)Terry Parker's legal victory, Canada's first legal marijuana user. Terry Parker's case, of course won on its own merits and defense, but NORML and Umberto Iorfida deserve some credit, especially in the earlier mid-late 1980's period. Ironically, Norman didn't post much about either event; that task fell to me who returned in March or April 1998 as a volunteer, just like Norman had been. But Norman and Umberto 3) compiled the list of NORML Canada milestones since the organization was begun in 1972, or earlier.

  • Early NORML Canada BBS system. NORML Canada was on the internet prior to 1996 with a fully functional BBS system, and Umberto Iorfida, former president, just sent me a clipping of an article announcing the BBS back in 1993. BBS means Bulletin Board System. Prior to the World Wide Web, the internet existed with other media types, such as TEXT FILES in a simple directory system. Automatic multi-media presentation had not begun yet. That's what the WWW really is, of course; an automated multi-media BBS system.

    Notice that the baud rate, dial up of course, was the blistering speed of 1200 baud or, hold on to your hat, 2400 baud (that's 1.2 kbs versus today's 56 kbs dial-up or much higher broadband). Broadband terminal connections in those days was very rare unless you were a giant corporation or the government, though mainframes may have already been connected by broadband. There are still vast areas of the U.S. in 2005 without routine access to broadband other than the occasonal and rare satellite broadband connection.

    Email, chat, BBS file systems, various automated indexing and file functions, airline reservation systems, FAA weather reports and flight plan filings, and all sorts of news groups about drug policy reform and other subjects also already existed over the internet. AOL, Compuserve, Delphi, and many other dial-up services were available to the general public (at speeds up to 9600Kbs were routine in 1993 also by dial-up), and the general public had access to all sorts of alternative BBS systems all over the world via the internet prior to the WWW. Porno images were also being stored and retrieved by dial-up internet access. A lot of fringe journalism was starting to use the internet to get out messages that the main media had ignored up to that time. Audio files were common already, perhaps even video.

    The WWW was also breaking in 1993, it was just beginning. The first browsers were just becoming available about the time that NORML Canada floundered momentarily in its police raid/court case for a few years, ultimately to prevail by winning out for free speech, supposedly, in the 462.2 court case. But how can the U.S./Canadian border be so constricted? It's a real heart attack zone.

  • Keep Searching.


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Renee Bojo Umberto I. Ross Rebagliati Terry Parker

Renee Boje, Umberto Iorfida, Ross Rebagliati, Terry Parker


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 NOTE : No additions to this web site occurred between 17 June '99 and 7 Oct. '99. For that period, please go to or media awareness project.  

  • (8 April email to NORML Canada by researcher) Marinol and Marijuana ; new study released by author.

  • (9 January '99 AOL / Reuters )  The above mentioned site ( has a mass of comprehensive data and other material related to the recent Dutch press release. (9 January AOL/Reuters) VIRTUAL PROHIBITION ? Dutch have fewer drug users than thought according to most recent study .

  • (OLD POSTING BROUGHT BACK : 30 May USA TODAY) Dan Rostenkowski, former U. S. Representative and Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, regrets harsh sentences and "war on drugs" approach after release from federal prison.

  • Proposed Guidelines for Canadian Decriminalization from Police Officer Gil Puder, NORML Canada president Attorney John Conroy, and Professor Neil Boyd : proposal .

  • (20 September, earlier) Light from Darkness, by Webster Hubbell.

  • (12 July '98 direct email from Dr. Russo) Marijuana and Migraines , New Research : HEADACHE .

  • (13 June Vancouver Sun / Three Prominent Canadians Ask All Canadian Prosecutors to Ask Police to Stop Enforcing Marijuana Laws under Proposed Guidelines.

  • NEW ITEM out of order intentionally (Jan. 25, '97 Ottawa Citizen) The Joint Proposal by Canadian Senators.

  • (30 May USA TODAY) Dan Rostenkowski, former U. S. Representative and Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, regrets harsh sentences and "war on drugs" approach after release from federal prison.

    ====================Terry Parker Clippings Below====================
  • (Toronto Sun clipping) Marijuana Flu outbreak noticed after Parker win.
  • (Toronto Sun clipping) Strictly Medical .
  • (Toronto Sun clipping) Medicine in Use.
  • (Toronto Sun clipping) Crown to appeal Terry Parker win, Parker wants plants back.
  • (Toronto Sun clipping) Crown to appeal , Parker's lawyer confident.
  • (clipping on Terry Parker win) clipping .
  • (17 December Toronto Sun clipping ) Crown to appeal Parker decision.
  • (December (April '98 High Times)) TERRY PARKER PREVAILS : Judge Sheppard Approves Medical Marijuana.
  • (December) Collection of Terry Parker victory articles from December '97 : Click Here .
  • (11 December, '97 Ottawa Citizen) Pearce Bannon article announcing Terry Parker Decision.
  • (11 December Toronto Sun Clipping) Front Page Coverage for Pot Superman , the article's coverage, Judge Sheppard means No Green Light by ruling.
  • (22 Oct., clipping source unknown) IF.... Then why not TERRY ?????
  • (20 October, Toronto Sun clipping) Terry Parker , launches Challenge.
  • ====================Terry Parker Clippings Above====================

  • (31 Dec., '97 Media Awareness Project/Hemp B.C.) Officer Puder Again Calls for End of Criminal Approach.

  • (5 Nov. '97 press release) European Parliament Official Press Release on Drug Policy.

  • (29 Sept. '97 Toronto Sun) Going to Pot .

  • (15, 16 April '97 Ottawa Citizen) Ottawa Citizen Editorials Urging Full Decriminalization of All Illicit Drugs :

    • Part III of a Series of Editorials in Favour of Legalizing/Decriminalizing All Illicit Drugs.

    • Part IV of a Series of Editorials in Favour of Legalizing/Decriminalizing All Illicit Drugs.


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    Really Old News Archive

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  • NEW ITEM (19 Dec. '99 posting)  Internet News Item Christmas Stocking Stuffer : Nostalgia buffs may want to browse through this old old text file of news articles from the period 1994 - late 1996 : articles_old1.html .

  • Old CClist news items from Canada Cannabis  (NOW CALLED CANNABIS CULTURE ) magazine.

  • Congressman Newt Gingrich and others were sending a different message regarding medical marijuana in September 1981 (97th Congress, Second Session, H.R. 4498): Click Here.

  • "The Vote Heard 'Round The World." California and Arizona voters approve medical marijuana ballot initiatives by a wide margin.
    • Latest CNN reports on unfolding California and Arizona story :
    • 12/03/96 , White House, Republicans Unite Against New Pot Laws.
    • 11/22/96, Marinol or Marijuana ?
    • 11/16/96 , Drug Czar, Atty. Gen. deliberate
    • 11/15/96 , Drug Czar, Atty. Gen. deliberate
    • Victory Celebrations on the West Coast. (this link will probably expire any day). At the end of this CNN article is a link to Carl Olsen's page, "Marijuana as Medicine" . Carl is president of Iowa NORML and Iowans for Medical Marijuana.
    • Special Report from NORML U.S.A.
    • One report (unconfirmed) that California Attorney General Dan Lungren orders all police in state to leave in peace (not arrest) medical marijuana patients with prescriptions.
  • USA Today (Newspaper) Endorses Medical Marijuana.
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    NOTE : NORML Canada believes cannabis coffee shops should also be allowed.

    Proposed Cannabis

    from an article by Neil Boyd, current NORML Canada president John Conroy (Iorfida NORML Canada pres. at time of this well-publicized proposal), and Gil Puder, chief of narcotic section, Vancouver Police Department.

    Effective this date, the provincial Attorney General directs all Chiefs of Police and RCMP Commanding Officers to adhere to the following guidelines when they, or members under their command, enforce the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, with respect to cannabis (marijuana):

    S. 4(1) Possession shall not be enforced against a person who has achieved the age of 19 years, except when that person is found to be in possession in the following circumstances:

    • 1. In a public school or on school grounds;
    • 2. While consuming cannabis on public property.
    • 3. While operating a motor vehicle or vessel when impaired;
    • 4. Of the quantity possessed exceeds 30 grams.
    S. 5(1) Trafficking shall not be enforced against a person when all parties to the transaction have reached the age of 19 years, the quantity of cannabis exchanged is no more than 30 grams, and there is no profit arising from the transaction.

    Cultivation of no more than three cannabis plants shall be permitted upon private property. (Ed. note: I think that this is a bit low. Five or six plants should be allowed at minimum. For some medical users it will need to be even higher.)

    Any exception to these restrictions requires the specific approval of the commanding officer of the jurisdiction. (Ed. note: This could be a loophole.)

    Enforcement of any municipal anti smoking bylaws will continue to be expected.

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    NORML Canada newsletters

    April (Vol. 1, #1)

    June (Vol. 1, #2) No More P.O.W.s (Prisoners of Weed.)

    July (Vol. 1, #3) Bill C-8 Commentary

    August (Vol. 1, #4) Terry Parker Feature Article

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    Why join NORML Canada ? Literally, millions of good Canadian citizens have been unjustly damaged by the current laws concerning marijuana. Far more damage is done to society by the laws regarding marijuana, than due to the effects of marijuana itself.

    Furthermore, NORML Canada believes the dangers of marijuana have been greatly exaggerated by special interests and government. Researchers have lied, governments have lied, and segments of the media have gone along with these distortions. Consequently, your children (and Canada's future) are threatened with government policies regarding marijuana which amount to genocide. Modern medicine is now revealing that marijuana (cannabis sativa), far from being a serious threat to health, can actually be beneficial to persons suffering from many health problems, such as epilepsy, anorexia, glaucoma, A.I.D.S. (both the wasting syndrome, and the T-cell count are benefited), multiple sclerosis, nausea caused by cancer chemotherapy, insomnia,  pain, headache, stomach trouble,  trauma recovery, muscle spasms, and others.

    To remedy this intolerable situation, and restore sanity, NORML Canada proposes that NOW is the time to REPEAL the laws which prohibit marijuana altogether. Whether marijuana should be controlled like alcohol, or whether it should be controlled like Tylenol, are questions which are not nearly as important as the underlying human rights issue.

    That issue is this : people who use soft-drugs such as marijuana, assuming that they are not otherwise committing crimes or injuring themselves, should definitely be given the same respect and rights as any other human being. After all, we should all remember that coffee drinkers and tobacco smokers were once jailed and treated as criminals.

    Despite the need for drug counseling and warnings for minors and adults alike, focusing too much on "drugs" as the "cause of all evils" has done nothing to improve life here on earth.

    Why ? Why hasn't the war on drugs actually had a good effect on society? Because drugs are not the main problem, really, in most cases. Imprisoning or eliminating all the "drug users" is no more effective a method of improving society, than imprisoning or murdering all the Jews. The Jews were not causing Germany's problems in 1935. The "drug users" are not the cause of society's problems in 1999, either.

    Focusing on anti-drug campaigns too much, diverts resources and attention from actually building success in society. Children are not taught fundamental positive values such as higher morality and ethics, but are rather trained like dumb animals to obey direct commands based on arbitrary political agendas. Is it any wonder that crime and chaos increase as we focus on eliminating drugs ? Perhaps if we really crack down on actual crime, rather than "drug users", we may begin to be more successful.

    TO JOIN NORML Canada , and help change the laws, 1) check with headquarters to see if there is a chapter in your area to join. If there is no local chapter in your area, you can join the national organization directly. Send $60 (Canadian) to the above address with a name and address. (If possible, include your email address, and telephone.)

    Click here for membership application .

    If there is no chapter in your area, please request NORML Canada to send you the supplies necessary to start one with others in your area. A "CHAPTER KIT" is available for $15 and a SASE.

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    Some of you are aware that NORML Canada had quite a popular BBS  (internet bulletin board) operational from 1992 to 1995 which could receive email directly over the internet. Before the days of the World Wide Web, this was quite advanced technology. Well, a lot has changed, both on the internet, and in the drug policy reform sphere, since April 4, 1992 , when Ontario authorities decided to arrest, prosecute, and essentially shut down NORML Canada due to our attempts at educating the general public about marijuana and hemp.

    But let's not forget that the cause of all marijuana related arrests is, of course, the LAWs implemented by Parliament. Democracy is still functioning. Let's put it to work for positive change. Many police and prosecutors, even outside metro Vancouver, are no longer enthusiastic about arresting marijuana users. Let's help get the heat off their backs and let them concentrate again on actual crime ! The end result will be a greater respect for authority and law, and a flourishing of the creative spirit in Canada due to the ending of marijuana prohibition.

    NORML Canada believes that the laws prohibiting marijuana are based on simple ignorance, perpetuated and reinforced by media, government, and special interests. NORML Canada also believes that the youth of the world have not gone mad. The young, who are usually the ones winding up in jail or prison, simply perceived that marijuana was not evil or threatening to anyone. Immature laws based on myth and superstition should be relegated to the history books. Let's enter the 21st century with a clear conscience. No more gulags for non criminals.

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    Official Policy Statement of NORML Canada

    Current court rulings have essentially legalized the medicinal usage of marijuana when various rules and procedures are followed. Please contact the Canadian government's own office of medicinal marijuana for more information. Also, various compassion society's may have information on how to legally use marijuana medicinally. Contact the Vancouver Compassion Club for more information.

    NORML Canada does not advocate or encourage the use of marijuana, but believes that the present policy of discouragement through the use of criminal or civil law has been excessively costly and harmful to both society and the individual.

    NORML Canada is a non-profit, public interest, member operated and funded group, chartered at the federal level in Canada since 1978 ( history ), working at all levels of government to eliminate all civil and criminal penalties for private marijuana use, through public education, research, and legislative and judicial challenges.

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    Address of NORML Canada

    Click here for membership application .
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    Donate to NORML Canada

    There is substantial work which can be accomplished easily if NORML Canada simply had the financial resources. More educational activity, better legal defense for the poor, better media exposure, and many other items on our wish list, could all be possible if we simply had funds flowing in from all sections of Canadian society.

    Even a small donation of only $10 or $20 helps.

    Please send your donations to :

    NORML Canada
    2459 Pauline St.
    Abbotsford, BC V2S 3S1
    Phone: (604) 852-5110
    Fax: (604) 859-3361
    Contact: John Conroy, president

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    NOTE to users of illicit drugs other than marijuana : the official charter of NORML Canada restricts us, officially, from promoting, in any way, information about other drugs, such as LSD, psychedelic mushrooms, ecstasy, cocaine and others. We remain sympathetic and 100% supportive to all drug users, regardless.  We believe that the laws concerning illicit drugs are largely counterproductive and lead to the abuse of human rights, generally speaking, by law enforcement whenever they are called upon to interfere with the use of drugs by human beings.

    It is much easier, rationally speaking, to argue for the legalization of marijuana, exclusively.

    The original "harm reduction" philosophy, as embodied in the current drug policy of the Dutch government, and Europe in general, (October 2002), clearly demonstrates that this HIPPIE ORIGIN POLICY, was about allowing marijuana and the psychedelics, and was not about allowing ALL DRUGS.  This original "harm reduction" philosophy originated with great people like Timothy Leary, Richard Alpert (Baba Ram Daas), the Grateful Dead, and other sane, wise, and insightful leaders who wished to keep drug users safe and out of  harm's way.

    Specifically speaking, from about 1968 until about 1975, Leary's list of approved drugs consisted of marijuana and the psychedelics, and specifically excluded alcohol, Heroin, downers, uppers, and many other drugs.  I recall that cocaine was not mentioned by Leary at all in this early period, since it was not in widespread use.  See Leary's 1968 book,   The Politics of Ecstasy  for confirmation.

    Another fitting signal from this period was the top-40 hit by the band, Steppenwolf, entitled, Pusherman .  The lyrics included the lines, "God-damn the Pusher Man."  Contrary to inaccurate reports elsewhere, this song was played widely until just a few years ago !  It is extremely inaccurate to say that the "hippies" embraced "all drugs".  It simply isn't true, and the Steppenwolf song illustrates the fact that "hippies" were extremely concerned about unwise, or dangerous, hard drug use.

    Leary's "list of approved drugs" does not imply that we, (or Leary), wished users of unapproved drugs to be punished.  It simply means that the "new paradigm of psychedelia" was not about the "old paradigm hard drugs" like alcohol, tobacco, downers, etc., etc.

    To be frank about it, I can't imagine Timothy Leary or the early hippies putting Ecstasy (MDMA) on the unapproved list.  To be frank about it, I don't know whether cocaine and Ecstasy should be on the list.  The Dutch experts have generally decided that "natural" substances are safer and saner than synthetic substances.  If the intent of the people using or distributing a drug was not essentially criminal, then those people should not be criminalized.

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    Journalistic Blunders. On January 14, 2004, one of the big stories in the media is the scandal about the USA Today reporter, Jack Kelley, who made some mistakes.

    In this context, I wish to list here as many of my errors which I can remember as web maintainer for this site:

    • (3 December '04) After reading parts of this book, Licit and Illicit Drugs, The Consumers Union Report on Narcotics, Stimulants, Depressants, Inhalants, Hallucinogens, and Marijuana - including Caffeine, Nicotine, and Alcohol., I now am educated properly to know that heroin is indeed, truly addicting in most cases, and that drug rehabilitation efforts for heroin addicts are probably a waste of time. NORML Canada since 1996 has never advocated forced abstinence or incarceration for opiate addicts, anyway, that I know of. Every government official in the realm of drug policy, and all law makers, should be forced to read this book, as well as everybody in the media. We have spent the last 100 years or so trying to prohibit opiates and other drugs, and have failed miserably. Categorically, however, this blunder does not change our previous stance that the decision of any drug user to stop or change their behavior should rest primarily with the drug user, in most cases. This blunder has nothing to do with our stance on cannabis, however. No blunders to report in that area. The common usage of the terms "de-tox" and "drug rehab center" for opiate addiction, is also to blame, and did not emanate from NORML Canada 1996-2004. I had always known that heroin and other drugs were categorized as generally addicting, but didn't realise to what extent rehab. efforts had failed, according to this book!

    • (1996) I erroneously reported that the Supreme Court of Canada had ruled in favor of Umberto Iorfida in the 462.2 drug literature ban. In reality, it was a provincial court though the ruling seems mostly accepted nationally, but not accross the border. See the first page of this website from 1996 for more information. From information gathered from having conversations with Umberto Iorfida, I truly made an unintentional error at first. (My error was caused by my own lack of knowledge that the government was deliberately not resolving the "free speech" issue on the national level. At that time I had no idea that any government could commit such a crime against the people concerning such a well resolved and settled issue as freedom of speech. I didn't understand how the federal government could deliberately allow an issue such as this one to remain unresolved at the national level, while pretending that it had been resolved by one province on behalf of all of Canada. I've come to the conclusion now that the government simply wants to muddle so called "universal issues" like free speech by preventing the application of universal constitutional principles.)

      Although I was personally convinced that the issue had been resolved nationally in Canada until late 1999, I recalled then that Umberto had never misinformed me. On my part, after seeing that Cannabis Culture and High Times were allowed to operate in Canada, I had inferred that the law had been tossed out even outside of Ontario. How is it that commercial companies are allowed to sell "pro-pot" literature all over Canada, imported from the U.S. even; and then ban a simple tourist or visitor from entering Canada if he tries to carry the same magazine over the border?

      Regular citizens are being disallowed from entering Canada with High Times or other pot literature despite the fact that they can buy the same magazine in Canada after they have been admitted! That's a fact of life in this bizarre world that we live in.

    • (2003) I referred to a Napolean as a type of chocolate. Not so. It's just a type of non-chocolate candy.
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    NOTES: Copyright 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003,2004 by NORML Canada and William Carroll. This page began in April 1996. Tee-shirt scanning for NORML image by maestro Larry H. @ somewhere in North America.  Names and places changed whenever possible to protect the innocent. Names appearing on these pages does NOT automatically connote  any association with marijuana or drugs (legal or illegal).