These photo's are of the Can-Abbyss-Train Bus that was prepared in "AirBrush" picture quality by some Good Folks in Toronto. They were the operators of the Bus, which was parked outside of the Launch of the Train, on its inaugural run, Sept. 4, 1997.


Can-Abyss Train Bulletin
.......CAN-ABYSS-TRAIN Canadian (noun) pronounced "Cannabis Train"

(1) A non-profit organization
(2) A virtual train system used to transport passengers and cargo to
"Destination Legalization"
(3) A 'vehicle' that travels through the "Canadian Abyss" created by the
present criminal sanctions regarding the issue of Cannabis in Canada.
(4) Freedom Express Railway lines for the specific purpose of carrying
persons trapped in the abyss of a criminal record for possession of
Marijuana back into the mainstream of Canadian society.
(5) A vehicle for the direct promotion and support of all hemp related
(6) A vehicle for Education regarding Cannabis and its myriad of uses.
(7) A vehicle demonstrative of the widest possible demographic in
of the legalization of Cannabis in Canada 
(8) A vehicle through which some monies are donated to N.O.R.M.L. Canada

The following is a preliminary and partial list of persons, groups, or
organizations that are adding their  support to help fuel the
CAN-ABYSS-TRAIN on its maiden voyage. Thanks for all your on-going support !!!!!!


N.O.R.M.L. Canada
CIUT.FM(University of Toronto)
Church of the Universe                                   
CHRY. FM( York Uni.)
Tractors  For Our Daily Bread Canada                     
Crystal Tree Productions(TOR)                            
Plan-It Productions(TOR)                                 
Exclaim Magazine (National)
Groovy Community (TOR)                                   
Excalibur Newspaper (York U)
Supermono Records(TOR)                                   
Pro-Tem (Bilingual Newspaper)   
FreeWorld News(TOR-Electronic web paper)
Comfort Zone(TOR)                                        
Barbara Lamb (Author :High Cuisine)
El Mocambo(TOR)                                          
Terry Parker
Green Marble Support Troupe                                
Nebadon (a band)
Fat Cats
Sellassie I Power
Rhea's Obsession
DJ Grateful Dave
Whole Hearted Hemp(Exclusive manufacturers and distributors of
Can-Abyss-Train Hempgineer Hat* and other products ) 
Grassroots Environmental Products( 2 TOR Locations)
THC Toronto Hemp Company***
Simply Hemp

###Special Thanks to the many unofficial supporters,  not listed here.

       ***  Can-Abyss-Train "Hempgineers Hat" in stock. ***
The Hempgineers Hat  is a hand crafted hemp hat designed and distributed
by Whole Hearted Hemp of Toronto @ (416)225-3854, displaying  the Can-Abyss
Train logo. Retail and public inquiries invited. Proceeds from the sale of
this item to provide fuel for the Can-Abyss-Train. Also available at
Can-Abyss-Train 'Engine Stops' and 'Benefit Concerts'.  


The following is the CAN-ABYSS-TRAIN Itinerary:

%%%%    Launch and final Thursday in series at Comfort Zone completed %%%%%. 
         "Destination Legalization Local Tour" includes "Engine Stops" 


             Include  invited appearance of "462.2", the bus, muralized as
a train engine, and at most venues the vending of hemp products.  Also available
will be Can-Abyss-Train information and  N.O.R.M.L. Canada information.

Donations may be made at all Engine stops, 

.......These are not benefits for Can-Abyss-Train

Sat. November 22, 1997        
Opera House--- Rave by Sassafras starts 10:00pm and includes lights by
Green Marble Support Troupe

December 5, 1997                   
Opera House—FAT CATS in Concert

December 10, 1997                 
Scarborough Courthouse, Terry Parker Supreme Court of Ontario, decision 10:00 am


Saturday, December 6, 1997     Comfort Zone, 480 Spadina Ave. Toronto
  featuring: NEBADON and Tungsten Grove + special guests and Green Marble Support Troupe.

Thursday, December 18, 1997   Elmacombo, 464 Spadina Ave @ College St. Toronto
  featuring: Nebadon + special guests T.B.A. and Green Marble Support Troupe.

Wednesday,  April 22, 1998       OPERA HOUSE  Toronto . Line-up T.B.A.
   **This concert will focus on environmental issues related to Cannabis and Hemp.

More benefit concerts to be announced. If you or your organization would
like to help or participate in any of  these events, or you would like you
or your organization's name added to the list of  Can-Abyss-Train
supporters, please contact our  *NEW* hotline @ (416)339-6411.

For other inquiries-  Umberto Iorfida, President of N.O.R.M.L. Canada @ (905) 833-3167.

The first photo is of a musician, song writer, and organist extrordinaire. He was instrumental in the production of the 13 week fundraiser which raised several thousand dollars for N.O.R.M.L. Canada. Thank you.

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