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Africa Were Set Free, Evidence USA Not Ready for Abolition Until 1865, (NPR) The Talk, Wild Claims, Democracy in the USA, The U.S. Media Reports the USA is Losing, Virginia Leads the South, (Nov 16, 2020) Northam Says Legalize It! In 1988, DEA Said Pot Very Therapeutic and Safe, Give Us Your Homes! Marijuana's Effect on the Heart, Trump at Mt. Rushmore, 1619-2019 Celebrate Democracy in the New World, The North Successfully Re-created the Confederacy? Suicide by Cop, Media Wants Shootout, Oklahoma is a SOUTHERN STATE, A Stronger Immune Response, John Belushi's Brother Says, "IF MY BROTHER JOHN WAS A POT-HEAD, HE'D STILL BE HERE TODAY." St. Louis Fed. Requests Congress, Etc., to Help Regulate, Tax and Bank Weed! Just Before the 1963 British Invasion, Science or Political Opinion? A Stronger Immune Response, Dixie's Public Health Excellence, Keep Listening to Dr. Fauci, Spring Break and the Unofficial U.S. National Motto, My Vitamin C Story. Ever Watched Cheers (based in Boston) on TV? How Much Weed Should I Use? Luxumbourg to Legalize Weed in Two Years, (YOUTUBE VIDEO:) British driver unexpectedly performs better after using weed. Driving and Marijuana Hysteria, SUCCESSFULLY USING WEED FOR INSOMNIA: Positive Outcomes from Social Usage of Weed, Converting a Courtroom Into a Pot Cafe Is Not OK, Rape and Plunder? Death by Choking is the FOURTH Largest Cause of ACCIDENTAL DEATH in the USA! The Dark Ages for Marihuana Are Over, THC, THE GREAT DECISION MAKER? Marijuana and Sperm Count Tune Changes Suddenly (Harvard). The One God of Heaven and earth, 18-21 Year Old Dilemma, Normal Biological Human Response from Inhalation of Smoke or Vapors, Worst Female Drug Death Rate on Earth, The Original U.S. Drug Czar, CLICK HERE FOR DFM RADIO >>> Click here for mono, or here for stereo, For the schedule of DJ/artist moderated programs, click here. If you don't see and hear the DFM radio device, then hit the play button, try another web browser or click here. Or make a donation to DFM Radio. USA OVERALL DRUG DEATH RATE IMPROVES SLIGHTLY FROM HAVING BEEN 3RD WORST, TO NOW BEING 5TH WORST ON EARTH, Sun Grown High? January 2008 Sensible Amsterdam Tour Information, Motown Driving-THC Report, Various Issues, Anaesthesia?, Technical Specs for My Vidoes, GLOBAL CITIZEN LIVE, Closer and closer to 100,000 Americans dead from opiates and other hard drugs in 2017, 2018!

U.K. & International Medical Revolt:
Vitamin C and Corona-Virus Success.

1930 - Public Enemy Number One - City of Chicago.

Al Capone was a Human
Before Becoming a Bootlegger. (Image displayed from original public source (over the World Wide Web) at mob museum website as indexed by, and may disappear at any moment, independently, out of my ( control.)

The greatest irony of all is that prohibition places Al Capone and friends in close contact with the youth of America, who can't obtain alcohol or drugs legally. The youth must seek drugs and alcohol from the "underground empire", run by people like Capone.

Note that during alcohol prohibition, the government had a vested interest in maintaining prostitution, since they used "stool pigeons" as informants against those violating the alcohol laws. Note that those simply using alcohol were all "black mailed" by the bootleggers, informants, and corrupt police. The entire prohibitionist world was a huge edifice of blackmail and secret vice of all sorts, not just illegal alcohol.

Note that Capone was never even indicted for human trafficking!

I find it sickening that Al Capone in 2023 is still a hero to many in the USA, which indicates our country has a big problem to solve with human trafficking of adults and children both.

Why is it so hard to combat human trafficking? Because the adult humans being trafficked often become addicted to the lifestyle of being prostituted, bought and sold, like slaves. Such victims are also often addicted to various drugs such as opiates which their "owners" use to control and incriminate them.

Have there been any shootouts lately between those involved with alcohol sales? Marijuana should be at least as legal as alcohol if we are to reduce or stop the carnage in our country of police, citizens, and former criminal gang members from criminal-gang warfare, and the "drug war" between the government and the citizens of the United States.

The 18th and 21st Amendments to the U.S. Constitution tell a history lesson that clearly indicates that the illicit alcohol policy, some called it "decrim." during prohibition (1919-1933), created the criminal gangs and other chaos that was destroying the USA then. Today, it's the drug war prohibition and chaos, sometimes government controlled, that is destroying the USA today, whether under illegality or under "decrim.".

Also, approved by MEDICARE for special needs children in some states.

RE: DFM Radio Amsterdam.

If you don't like what is currently playing, just wait; it will probably
change drastically within 15 or 30 minutes. However, the default setting
for DFM is probably some form of techno.

I'm sure techno increases productivity;
but don't play it too loud.

The Web Ask Ninth Article

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Google Search for "Marihuana Legalization News"

Mayor of Oakland, Jerry Brown (D)
Mayor of San Francisco, Gavin Newsome (D)
Pres. George W. Bush (R),
Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (R)
Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D, CA), and
Sen. Barbara Boxer (D, CA), were all
in office when photo was taken:

Bulldog Cafe; Oakland, CA, June 2006.

2006 National NORML Convention, San Francisco, CA,

Weed Cafe Report
(So you thought this photo was from Amsterdam, right?)

(July 26, 2019) Arizona A.G. Calls for Marihuana Legalization

(posted Aug. 8, 2019) Death Rate for American Women from "Death by Drug",
Regardless of Drug Type, is the Worst in the World.

Mick Jagger Praises Illinois Governor J. B. Pritzker
for Signing Bill Which Legalized Marihuana.

(June 25, 2019) Illinois Legalizes Marihuana!

Original News Item: Illinois Poised to Legalize Weed (June 6, 2019)

(May 20, 2019) UW to Study Effects of Weed Alone on Pregnancy.

(April 2019) Michigan State Commission
Recommends No Limit on THC
for Drivers. Also Click Here.



California's Plan to Expand Legal Cannabis Shops Statewide
Which DON'T SELL OPIATES, Would Reduce Opiate Death Rates.

Stats show that areas with legal cannabis shops have fewer opiate deaths.

Of Course Marihuana Increases the Needed Dosage for Numbing
Drugs Such as Various Anaesthetics such as Propofol and Others. Weed is a
SENSITIZER, the Very Opposite of the Effect from Anaesthetics Which NUMB the Tissues.

If the nervous system can't detect wounds, the body cannot react fully to those wounds. Weed helps the body
REACT more to stimulus, wounds, pain, etc. A numbed body (from anaesthesia) is intended to mostly not react to stimulus.

Note that the dosage needed for dental anaesthetics such as lidocaine, xylocaine,
novocaine and others would probably also increase for those under the influence of cannabis.

Anaesthetics help the body ignore wounds (and pain), and therefore, do not facilitate healing of wounded tissues.
This is why chronic users of cocaine and methamphetamine often exhibit severe damage to the tissues of the mouth, nose,
and face which come into direct contact with those numbing substances. No healing of these wounds is possible
until the chronic usage of these topical anaesthetics is totally stoppped. (BEFORE AND AFTER PHOTOS.)

Substituting Medical Marihuana for Opiates.

U.S. Representatives Earl Blumenauer, Barbara Lee, Ro Khanna,
and U.S. Senators Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, and Others,
Have Introduced Various Pot Legalization Bills in Congress.

Rep. Blumenauer's Cannabis Caucus, Other Groups, Seeking More Co-sponsors.


Congratulations Canada on legality.

Mexican Supremes Say "Si'" for Pot Users the 5th Time.


Adulterated Cannabis Major Problem in 2018.

Mostly in Europe, it's been proven that the pot has often been heavily contaminated with unknown
ingredients (hair spray?) in the open "black market".
Previously, I had argued against over-regulation. I was wrong!

(Aug. 27, 2018) America's Drug Death-Rate
Gets Slightly Better, Not Worse.

Notice that the USA is the 5th worst country in the world for accidental death caused by drug; the Ukraine is ranked the worst. Mexico is ranked the 137th worse country in terms of accidental drug deaths.

The last few years (2017, 2016), the USA was ranked the 3rd worst country in the world for death by drug, so the USA has improved, down the list 2 notches. But there are many anomolies and problems with statistics.

The Dark Ages for Marihuana Are Over.

(1993) Science Discovers that Cannabis is Not Impairing for Drivers
Who are Not Otherwise Impaired Already, Before Cannabis Usage.

(Aug. 11, 2018) ATT: MEDIA!

Another myth from Jack Herer. Ask anyone who actually grows it. Grows best on river bottom land
with reliable rainfall. Rule of thumb: where maize grows well, cannabis grows well.

The real reason some farmers in Lebanon are switching to cannabis is to make more money.

(April 20, 2018) Schumer, Sanders, Booker, Lee Want Fed. Weed Law Changes.

(April 16, 2018) My Letter to NORML and the FDA RE: DESCHEDULING CANNABIS.




FROM THIS WEBSITE in 2017, we find that 6.96/.63 = 11.0476 times more drug deaths in the USA than in the Netherlands. (old data.)

("Apartheid" is a Dutch word. In Dutch cannabis cafes and U.S. pot dispensaries both, only cannabis is sold - NO HARD DRUGS.)

Canadian P.M. Trudeau Says Up Here,
Legalization of Pot is Still Happening. (March 2, 2017)

But we're not experimenting with hard drug decrim. up here.

While some media sources focus on a June news item, on Nov. 14th, 2017,
A. G. Jeff Sessions Admits Pot is Really Legal in Some U.S. States.

A Cannabis Cafe is NOT a VICE!!!

The Drug War has Horribly Warped the Cultural Values of the USA!

The cannabis cafe "culture" could keep away deadly hard drug usage.

The cannabis cafe is a common sense solution to the extremely high and
unnatural death rate
among citizens of the USA from hard-drug overdose.

(Aug. 1, 2017) Representative Cory Booker Introduces Federal Legalization of Pot.

Imagine if the Federal Government Someday Influenced States to Legalize Simple Possession of It.

(July 26, '17) Former N.Y. Jets Player, Four Others,
Improperly Sue the DOJ, the DEA, & U.S. Attorney General,
Over Prohibited Medical Marihuana Status.



Most "Marihuana Smoking Experts" Predicted the Exact Opposite:

(Aug. 5, '14) FACT: Traffic Fatalities Dropped Substantially after the
Legalization of the Smoking of Marihuana & Legalized Medical: Study.

QUESTION: What is the RATE OF DEATH from marihuana overdose in 2017 as compared to last year?

Marc and Jodie Emery Arrested
to Spanish Cannabis Fair. (March 9, 2017)

Other google-found news items about "Marc and Jodie Emery".

Author Thinks Scotland Should Become Part of Canada. (April 7, 2017)

Ninth Article Productions External Links:
(May contain trademarked or copyrighted graphics or expressions.)

Fully Informed Jury Association

Marijuana Moment,
News, Etc. Regarding Weed. has a number of in depth news
items about the drug war in the Phillipines.



Cannabis News Network

The Cannabist

Part of the The Denver Post Newspaper.


Cannabis News

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Hemp Clothing in the USA.

Hemp Clothing in Canada.

Plenty Of Hemp Clothing, other Hemp Items in Australia.

Other areas with hemp industries might be various countries in Eastern Europe,
India, Nepal, China, Russia, South America, Central America, and other places.

Bulldog Palace Won on Appeal: not shut down after all.

(((Most shuttered locations re-open under new ownership.)))




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WeSmoke has asked that the cannabis coffee shops of the Netherlands

be included on UNESCO's World Heritage Site list.





NOTE placed here July 19, 2022: nothing here at should be construed to be critical of the Federal Reserve or U. S. Treasury, at any point in time. I put the following paper here by Farley, not because I agree with his central thesis critical of the founding fathers, but rather to give out some facts about bills of credit from the colonial period, which were prohibiited in the U. S. Constitution for unknown reasons. Farley does show that the actual bills of credit mentioned and prohibited in the U. S. Constitution were actually nearly as good as gold in England and the USA until nearly the War of 1812 period.

Regardless of that fact, Roosevelt (FDR) felt inclined to ban and confiscate all U. S. gold around 1933, which was probably a good idea as it helped strengthen the U. S. banking system, and led the way in strengthening the successor to the Bretton Woods agreement that placed the "paper" U. S. Dollar above the gold "U. S. Dollar". In other words, there is no successor to the Bretton Woods agreement, as Bretton Woods remains in effect, mostly without gold backing it, in 2022.

Question: how much gold must be shipped out of Fort Knox in 2022 to support the U.S. dollar? Probably none.

The fact that the Founding Fathers of the USA liked gold over bills of credit is probably more of an aesthetic thing, more than a monetary issue. In actual practice, they all used Treasury Notes usually, I guarantee you! I like gold also, but I would rather spend U. S. dollars. But gold is nicer to look at and touch. So what!?!?!?!? The chaos and panic created by using gold and silver money 1776-1933 was not worth the trouble, if you ask me.

Take your panic and shove it Al Capone! We should all thank FDR for ending the tradition of bank panics in the USA, which ended around 1933. When Al Capone was sent to prison for income tax evasion, that was about the same moment, more or less, that FDR ended the everyday usage of gold coin in the USA.

Creating the U.S. Dollar Currency Union, 1748–1811:
A Quest for Monetary Stability or a Usurpation of State Sovereignty for Personal Gain?

I put this here since there is an assumption that the British colonial goverment issued
"Bills of Credit", new issues of which were prohibited by the U.S. Constitution of 1787,
were "bad-money". However, Farley shows that the colonial "bills of credit" were nearly as good as
gold in actual practice as they were issued against actual agricultural exports to
England, rather than land speculation financed by bank fiat-currency, in the new lands of
the rapidly expanding USA. In reality, especially during panics or recessions, U.S.
state-bank-issued-money often became worthless! Note that every state-bank note from
1783-1865 still existing in 2015 is usually an example of a worthless bank-note in many cases,
as all redeemed bank-notes would have to have been destroyed to prevent another redemption of the same note!
This means that any examples of state-bank issued money still around in 2015, was likely from a bankrupt bank!

For example, the BUS, after losing its Congressional Charter in 1836, continued as a Pennsylania state-bank until bankruptcy in 1841.
Not all existing bank-notes issued by the BUS were successfully redeemed! Thus, we still can see, touch, and feel
some of them, remaining un-redeemed for gold in 2015, just like Federal Reserve Notes 1933-2015!

For example, when President Andrew Jackson began his attack against the Bank of the United States,
he succeeded in causing a panic which forced the BUS to redeem nearly all of their issued
bank-notes for gold and silver, which bank-notes were all then promptly destroyed. The only remaining bank-notes from
the 2nd BUS are those whose owners did not get to the BUS in time before it went BROKE as a Pennsylvania STATE-BANK!

HOWEVER, there was much fraudulent state-bank isssued money circulating until the Civil War
that was actually accepted as good money, even though it was totally fraudulent and counterfeit. Faith saved
much counterfeit state-bank money, which circulated freely in the USA,
and was successfully exchanged (discounted) for gold everyday!

But nobody had any faith in the Bank of the United States any longer after Pres. Jackson began his attack on it.

(I found this graphic by using It is not at the website.)

By Far, The World's Best IceCream

Hemp I Scream!!!

Help Ed Rosenthal's Green Aid Continue to Succeed.



Here's something
about the new "crisco" axle grease with fully
Hydrogenated oils. Should only be used as a "green" axle grease,
really; not as food.

The Absolute Worst Ingredient Your Food
Could Possibly Contain, is Called, "TRANS-FAT".

In the Future, People Won't Believe EVERYBODY ATE THIS IN 2009!
It's NOT the saturated fats that are the problem! For decades, the "experts"
blamed the huge problems caused by trans-fats on saturated fats. Some still do.
Saturated fats occur in natural foods in large amounts, and which
humans have always eaten as their main source of calories. Trans-fats
screw-up the body's ability to handle saturated fats properly.




Proposition 215 did not make outdoor growing illegal. Yet Eddy Lepp is in prison for

Here's a guy who publicly did not defy the Feds, and is now paying a huge price for it anyway.

But, if you can't tell Eddy Lepp from Osama Bin Laden, You're a MORON!

???$420 roundtrip????? Usually Inexpensive Flights To/From Europe.


Dr. Lester Grinspoon's Websites.



Although very light, but regular, alcohol usage is worse for a person,
generally speaking, than even very heavy weed usage, I put this link
since muscadines are so little known in the USA outside the rural south.


A few years ago, there were no Muscadine wines available online.
There's also medical usage of alcohol in very small amounts.

Multi-site bargain travel search engine, (includes SW Airlines).




Dennis Peron's Original "" Website.
One of the Oldest Weed-Related Websites in the World.
Associated with the San Franciso Buyer's Club.

The Progressive Review


Dr. Bob Melamede's Website -
Endocannabinoid Knowledge.


Cannabis Science, Inc.

From ultra-cheap to ultra-expensive.
Click on English language flag.
For cheapest room sort choice, check box first which states,
"show only available hotels". Then re-search. Then sort by "cheapest room".

Solar Energy Information.

(((This is NOT about going off the grid. It's about supplying
more pollution-free energy to the nation's energy grid(s).)))

California Cannabis Research Medical Group (WWW.CCRMG.ORG)

Society of Cannabis Clinicians

publishers of


Journal of the California Cannabis Research Medical Group

Oaksterdam News, from Oakland, California

Related to this site, equalrights4all.

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The term "legal" used here in quotes means not legal yet for anyone of any age.
I have always used it out of quotes to mean legal only for adults. In terms of
punishment for teens caught with marihuana, I would be less strict than for alcohol, other solvents, or glue abuse.
Many countries have also "decriminalized" small amounts of hard drugs also.

U.K. registered cannabis legalisation organization, the LCA or Legalise Cannabis Alliance , education about Cannabis Sativa at The Cannabis College in Amsterdam, Georgians (U.S.) Opposed to Prohibition (goplobby), NORML U.S, world news from Cannabis Culture magazine,, the Drug Reform Coordination Network (, the news section of the Vancouver Compassion Club, For a collection of relevant articles on harm reduction and drug policy reform (legalization/"decriminalization"/medicalization of illicit drugs), by leading thinkers worldwide, go to Mario Lap's drugtext , for the CFDP (the Canadian Foundation for Drug Policy), click here, for medical marihuana in Europe, go to the (SIMM) Institute of Medical Marihuana in Europe (Rotterdam, the Netherlands) , New Zeeland comprehensive reform group at , Carl Olsen's original website (Iowa NORML, etc.), C.A.M.P. : Coalition for the Abolition of Marihuana Prohibition - this org. has deep roots in the yippie/hippie marihuana movement of the 1960's (the pre-NORML era), all sorts of information from Central and South America at Narconews, Cannabis Information in Belgium, , Amsterdam links,, the authors of California's proposition 215 group (, Carl Olsen's NORML weekly bulletins from U. S. NORML, Iowa NORML's new  website, Preston Peet's, the drug policy alliance, religious leaders for a more just and compassionate drug policy , the Hyperreal Rave Archive and their associated site, "The Vaults of Erowid ", Erowid's great  cannabis archive, Students for a more Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP), Forfeiture Endangers American Rights (FEAR), the November Coalition, Just Say Blow, No More Prisons, the Media Awareness Project (MAP), Yahooka Marihuana Links, Christians for Cannabis,  Canadian Cannabis Links at, Radio Netherlands page on legalizing marihuana (in Spanish ???), Beyond the Illusion (Major Mirror Site), and daweedking's marihuana website,, The Assembly of the Church of the Universe, Federation of Swiss Cannabis Consumers, Dutch Magazine about Cannabis and Coffee Shops : ( , Legalize (Holland), Legalize (Israel), a great Dutch cannabis site (, Parents Against Prohibition, another parents oriented site :, click here for KRUU FM Fairfield, Iowa.

(NOTE: "Ninth Article Productions", for the internet, is a personal blog on the world wide web which has existed, first as the NORML Canada website since early 1996-2004 ( (March 1996- Jan. 30, 2000), (July 2002- Sept. 2004)).

Then since 2005 the website has existed as my personal blog/website (, which is not a company or an organization of any type. Basically, it's a website to showcase my videos produced 1992-1996 by "Ninth Article Productions" about Dutch marihuana coffee shops; and has been mentioned or promoted here on the world wide web, in some form, since early 1996. No one controls the content here, but me since Sept. 2004. Before that, the President of NORML Canada had ultimate control.

"Ninth Article Productions" was the dba name for myself, registered in one state as a personally used "ficticious name", having produced the two VHS videos, with other information, which I sold by mail-order 1993-1998 from the classified advertising pages of High Times magazine, and Relix magazine, which is still a magazine devoted mostly to the Grateful Dead.)

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How Much Weed Should I Use Each Time I Use It?

Try Just One Little Puff Per Day. This takes about 10 seconds or less to smoke or vape "one puff" of weed. Most marijuana used today is very potent. We don't have to smoke or vape anymore than one tiny puff - maybe two. We do not sit and smoke or vape for even five minutes. We sit and smoke or vape for 5 to 10 seconds instead.

Then perhaps we have a glass of lemonade for 10 minutes. But we do NOT smoke or vape marijuana anymore than one or two tiny little puffs.

If we use more than that, we're wasting it. We should not fill our lungs with the residue from vaping or smoking for anymore than one or two tiny puffs. Remember that what goes in to our lungs, must come out. So we minimize our usage in order to minimize the coughing, and sneezing, etc.

Sun Grown Weed Has Better Effect?

There's something special about weed which was grown under the sun, rather than indoors. The "high effect" is better. This implies that the measured percentage of THC may not be related to the "high effect" to any great extent.

A medical marihuana dispensary in my town just started selling "sun-grown" weed. I tried it and I was very surprised at the overall effect. I felt noticably more "high" than I usually do from using weed. But outdoor grown weed will usually exhibit lower THC than indoor grown. This "sun-grown" local legal medical marihuana appeared to be normal "kind-bud", like any other indoor grown. But it was not grown indoors, but rather in an outdoor but very protected outdoor environment apparently. The price was US$60 for 1/2 ounce, which is an enormous amount.

Why does outdoor grown weed have a greater "high" effect than indoor grown? Why is science always lagging behind empirical testing? And what produces the "high effect" if not THC?

Could it be that weed grown under high-UV light exhibits a greater "high" effect? Or does the sun exert a special effect on marihuana plants?

In Europe, they generally use "mercury vapor" grow-lamps which produce more ultra-violet light. Some have also stated that weed grown at high altitude (in high UV sunlight) produces a better "high" effect.

From MPP (Marijuana Policy Project, Alaska, and Washington, D.C.)

Yesterday, December 20 (2018), the Marijuana Control Board adopted rules that allow cannabis retailers to apply for licenses authorizing on-site use of cannabis by adults 21 and over. This is a major step forward for cannabis policy in Alaska and the United States.

The issue of on-site use came to the forefront over four years ago. Since voters enacted the state’s marijuana initiative, the only option for cannabis consumption was private residences. The new rules provide adult residents and tourists with a place to consume that complies with state and local law.

MPP would like to thank all those who provided testimony to the board in support and the many residents and businesses who worked toward a solution during these past several years!

EDITOR'S NOTE: I predict that opiate deaths in Alaska will plummet as long as the unfortunate myth of "marihuana overdose" dangers can be quashed. When people think opiates and cannabis are somehow equivalent, they might choose opiates instead of cannabis, leading to opiate overdose death. The cannabis cafe is the perfect place for people to learn about cannabis, marihuana, and hashish (marihuana concentrates), and how to use it intelligently. There is no danger of overdose death from using even the strongest marihuana, marihuana concentrates, and/or hashish. In fact, pure THC is absolutely safe as far as causing overdose deaths or injury. The main problem in the world now is ignorance and misinformation about cannabis.

Stop Using Weed if You Have Trouble With It!

Recreational Marihuana Usage is the answer for the problems of 1)"psychosis", 2)"vomiting", and 3)"marihuana overdose". Why? Because it isn't enjoyable or recreational to experience psychosis, vomiting, or overdose, that's why. With the built-in assessment process that is going on all the time for those enjoying life, why would anyone deliberately use weed in such a way that it's not enjoyable?

Those using weed due to receiving a recommendation from a doctor for that, may be continuing to use it such that it isn't enjoyable. This is a tragic situation. I would personally recommend to anyone having trouble with weed, to stop using it.

Note that science has finally discovered that THC measured in the blood is not related to impairment. Science may eventually discover how the "high" effect is created by marihuana. At the moment, no one seems to know how "feeling high" is created from the usage of marihuana.

I would also like to see a move toward using weed of varying potencies so that more people begin to see and appreciate something other than just "high-THC" marihuana.

It is well known in Amsterdam that given total freedom to choose from a plethora of different kinds of hashish and weed, that not everyone chooses the high-THC types.

In the annual "Cannabis Cup" tradition from quite a few years ago, there was one guy, Soma is his name, who came out with a new type of weed (and seed) a few decades ago that everyone liked, but which was not at all merely another "high-THC" variety. This was when "New York City Diesel" by Soma Seeds was introduced, and this type of weed became very popular, even though it was more in the 10-15% THC range (I think). But it had a nice high effect, and tasted really good. (I don't think Soma even cares what percentage of THC his weed exhibits.)

I say, let the market decide. Don't impose a limit on THC, but let the customers buy what they want. In the USA, the high-THC types of weed are dominant, and all we hear these days is about people having trouble with marihuana. I hope the law doesn't force the industry to lower the THC necessarily, but if that happens due to market forces, I will not complain.

Do we need 100,000 different types of weed in the USA? I also would like to see American marihuana entrepreneurs openly state the genetics of their strains more often, and to stop putting out so many differently named types of weed. Most weed outlets here are hawking 100 to 200 different kinds, but this changes from day to day. At the moment, names change as often as the wind changes here, and those seeking to enjoy this or that specific variety have no idea what they are actually using due to the habits of the weed producers.

Stop behaving like Monsanto, OK? In Holland, there are so many fewer types of weed available apparently than in the USA. The breeders there do not (always) compulsively give new names to old strains, just to appear to be having something new. I would prefer it also if the American providers of weed would mimic the business, seed-breeding, and marketing habits of the Dutch industry more and more. Consumers are not aided by the availability of so many strains of weed.

I think most people would prefer that subjective qualities experienced by people should be given more weight than scientific cannabinoid analyses and breakdowns. I would prefer an attitude more akin to how new wines are created, rather than sending each bred specimen off to the lab for THC/cannabinoid analysis.

A big error is to not promote the cannabis cafe. A cafe or coffeeshop can be a "medicine" for people. On the other hand, let's hope that someone doesn't shoot a lot of people in a coffee shop.

The cannabis cafe is the perfect place for those using cannabis to learn the various subtle points about usage with others, without burdening emergency responders with imagined emergencies. There is no sane reason to call for an ambulance after using marihuana, regardless of potency!

The current regulatory regime for "soft-drugs" in the USA? Why should we rely on any third party to determine if a freedom loving U.S. citizen should be allowed to use, or not use, their choice of over-the-counter medicine? Is there any sane reason to use an expensive government regulatory agency to control a substance that is not in the same league as alcohol, Seconol, Heroin, or other potentially deadly substances?

FACT: No One is Actually Dying from Marihuana Overdose!

But Someone is Creating Mass Hysteria in the USA!

Mass confusion: due to the wretchedly poor quality of the U.S. media and other groups in 2018, quite a few people still believe that marihuana is as dangerous as Heroin, Seconol, and so forth. Selling it in special "dispenaries" reinforces that lie. Reporting on marihuana "overdoses" adds to this confusion.

In fact, I would bet anyone that quite a few people in the world still believe that cannabis sativa is like an opiod, and can be used to kill people, just like opiods and other truely dangerous substances do every day. This is the damaging and perverse illusion recently created by the U.S. media, and which is killing people right now.

In Holland, you can't call an ambulance for a marijuana O.D.!

The is a new thing in the USA, and a new way to steal taxpayers money! Recently, too many inexperienced people who use weed and feel horrible afterwards, are calling for an ambulance! This never happened back in 1972. When did it start????? Why allow this waste of money, and subversion of precious medical resources? Being able to call an ambulance for a marihuana "overdose" is as dumb as being able to call an ambulance for a chocolate overdose. I know for a fact that this is not allowed in the Netherlands, where they know the difference between chocolate, heroin, and cannabis. Why is the U.S. medical community not speaking out about this????

It's no wonder we pay so much for medical care in the USA when anyone can call an ambulance if they feel like vomiting, probably.

But if some people are so misinformed in the USA as to think that cannabis is as dangerous as fenatyl, then that idiocy or ignorance is a major danger for the entire world.

Americans are dying in vast numbers these days due to misuse of drugs. I am embarrassed to be an American at the moment. Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness?

Soft Drug: cannabis, hashish, marihuana edibles.

Hard Drug: heroin, opiates, other dangerous sedatives, other dangerous drugs, alcohol.

Marihuana overdoses in Holland: note that some people who are not regular users of tobacco, or who are not addicted to tobacco, sometimes faint if they use tobacco, or a marihuana joint made with tobacco and cannabis. ("Syncope" means fainting.) When this happens in Holland, and it's not that common, they still don't call an ambulance, since the "victim" will recover in about 5 or 10 minutes. The "cure" for this fainting is to give them dextrose sugar candy, or any other sugary candy, fruit juice, or soda pop, which is available at most Dutch "weed" coffee shops. However, tobacco is said to have been banned in most weed cafes in Holland.

The main symptom of fainting is paleness in the face.

RE: marihuana overdoses in the Netherlands. I personally have never seen anyone actually faint in a Dutch pot coffee shop after using a Euro-style joint containing tobacco with weed, but once I saw someone getting up after having fainted and fallen down. That means one time in nearly 30 years.

Marihuana overdoses in the USA: most such episodes in North America are probably panic attacks experienced by inexperienced people, who just feel awful, for whatever reason, after using weed the first time. Most here in the USA do not mix tobacco with weed, so there is little if any fainting here in the USA from using weed. In fact, I've never heard of it happening even once in the USA or other areas of North America.

Falling asleep from weed: marihuana is not a knock out drug, but some people who are already tired, will sometimes feel their fatigue a great deal more if they get stoned from marihuana. The solution is to take a nap, if possible. This is not "passing out" or fainting involuntarily since it can be over-ridden with stimulants such as coffee. Such sleepy and tired people are not unusually pale when they succumb to the need for sleep, so it's likely not a fainting spell. But some call falling asleep, "passing out".

One of the functions of the body that is connected to the endo-cannabinoid system, is regulation of sleep. If the body needs sleep, marihuana can aid in bringing it on, but this can be over-ridden with stimulants such as coffee, easily. But why use weed when you're tired? That's a waste of cannabis unless you're trying to get to sleep.

QUESTION: How do they know which drug you have used when an "overdose" occurs?

Answer: the only drugs which are used socially in regular cafes in Holland are just two: alcohol, and cannabis. Therefore, in that social setting, everyone in the area knows which drug the person overdosing, has overdosed on. The only drug among those two which would be concerning to the emergency responders, would be alcohol overdose. But most alcohol overdoses are not fatal.

I'm sure that if a heroin user calls for emergency help, or someone calls on their behalf, the emergency people would respond to that.

But recreational users of hard drugs are not treated well in Holland. Restaurant owners and operators, cafe owners, coffee shop operators, are always making sure hard drug users are kicked out of their shops. If they don't kick them out, the shops eventually get shut down by the police. The shutting down by the police of any cafes or coffee shops which cater to hard drug users takes place all the time in Holland. This is one reason the death rate in Holland is quite low from hard drug overdose: they don't treat well socially the "recreational" users of hard drugs. This anti-social treatment of hard drug users in the Netherlands is a tradition in that country that helps to discourage hard drug usage, and therefore, hard drug deaths.

But regular citizens or legal residents there who get addicted to hard drugs can get help without having to turn to street dealers.

Did the World Trade Center Towers collapse due to deliberate controlled demolitions, or was it due to the airliners, etc.????

My opinion: first of all, I have heard from probably about 50 different people over the past 14 years that they could see on many videos what appears to be small explosions (or puffs of dust) being emitted around the edges of the buildings, just below the area where the pancaking process of collapse is occurring, just as the buildings are "pancaking down", floor by floor, as they fell.

The fact that so many Americans are convinced that our country attacked itself on 9-11-2001, is also very disturbing in itself. Why are so many so confused? Who are confusing the people, and what are their motives?

Back to the collapse of the WTC towers:

Well, yes. I can see that also (the puffs of dust or smoke as the buildings collapse). But think about this:

MY OPINION: go to YouTube and play some videos of all the controlled demolitions that you want. Notice that YES, in a controlled demolition, there are always a series of controlled and carefully timed explosions created by the demolition crew engineers, to create just the precise sort of collapse that is desired in order to bring the building(s) down in the required and desired manner. But in the controlled demolitions that I have seen, the explosions always occur JUST BEFORE the buildings are actually collapsing.

The small puffs of dust or smoke being emitted as both of the WTC towers fell, were occurring AS the buildings were falling, not before. That actually proves that there were no controlled demolitions occurring at the WTC towers on 9-11-2001.

Here are a number of back-up points that further prove my theory:

  1. Controlled demolitions are normally very carefully set off using explosive charges connected by wires to the operator's control position.

  2. Using wired rather than wireless connections is the traditional method used, as wireless control can be unpredictable.

  3. Also, usage of any strong radio transmitting equipment is usually prohibited by the demolition crews anywhere near such demolitions to prevent the accidental setting off of demolition explosions before the proper moment caused by strong wireless signals. Strong radio (wireless) signals always cause "induced currents and voltages" to occur accidentally in nearby metal or electrical circuits of all types, resulting sometimes in unpredictable and accidental premature explosions of the demolition charges.

    They also make sure that all strong radio transmitting equipment nearby is shut off before they even place the charges!

  4. Why the charges must be detonated before the collapse occurs: 1)if the collapse has begun occurring before any charges are set off, then it wasn't the charges being set off that caused the collapse, and 2)the wires leading to each explosive charge attached to the building's structure must be intact in order to function. If the building has started falling already, there is no way the wires will still be in place properly.

  5. Therefore, the puffs of smoke or dust observed by everyone in the world on TV as the WTC buildings are falling is not being caused by explosive charges being set off, but rather by the building structure popping apart as it falls due to structural failure of the rivets holding the building together. Some or all of that is dust or disturbed building material, not smoke. END OF STORY.

  6. Even if someone tried to use wirelessly activated explosive charges attached to the buildings' structures, as the buildings are falling, it is unlikely that these charges would work properly due to the physical vibrations, fractures, massive movements and flexing, that would tend to detach or damage the carefully placed charges with attached mobile-phone detonation circuits being activated wirelessly, presumably by mobile cell phones.

  7. Another thing: as we all know from personal experience that the modern mobile cell phone networks have small, unpredictable, but very noticable delays in the voice and data transmission that would preclude the required precise timing of the detonation of many wirelessly activated explosive charges, if terrorists had tried to use that method.

    It's very easy for terrorists to set off ONE, TWO, OR THREE roughly coordinated explosive charges for a roadside bomb project, using existing mobile phone technology. But for hundreds and hundreds of such explosive charges to be set off at precisely the right moment to bring down two of the tallest buildings in the entire world, would be virtually impossible using today's mobile phone or data networks due to the unpredictable delays in timing.

  8. If the terrorists skipped using the existing mobile phone networks as part of the detonation circuits, they would then necessarily have to use conventional radio (analog) equipment to do the same thing. Considering that the WTC towers are the actual location in New York City where many millions of watts of radio signals are being broadcast all the time for commercial TV and radio, those ultra strong signals tend to interfere with, or overpower many electronic and electic circuits in the nearby area, making it impossible to use conventional (analog) radio equipment for such purposes.

    As stated above, strong radio signals are prohibited near any demolition projects due to the danger of accidental explosions occuring prematurely due to these very strong radio signals from commercial broadcasters, which induce uwanted currents and voltages in all nearby metal structures and wiring, precluding the use of controlled explosions in such areas.

  9. Some have stated that there isn't enough fuel in airliners to create enough heat to melt metal. BULLSHIT. Well more than half the weight of most modern airliners consists of fuel, if the airliner is full or nearly full of fuel, and airliners weigh hundreds of thousands of pounds. Airliners which crash without hitting buildings are usually almost totally melted away after the fires are put out; therefore, I'm sure this steel building would melt in some semi-confined areas if exposed to such heat as well as the airliner metal.

    Not enough fuel onboard to melt steel? A typical American tanker truck trailer hauls from about 5,000 to 11,000 gallons of fuel. A Boeing 757 when fully fueled contains about as much fuel as a fully loaded tanker truck trailer. The Boeing 767 when nearly full of fuel contains about as much as two fully loaded tanker truck trailers.

    These planes that hit the WTC towers were in a semi-enclosed building when burning, not sprawled openly on the ground outside, so heat would be greater in such a semi-confined area, perhaps hot enough to melt or weaken steel beams.

Both wired and wireless demolition methods would be difficult or impossible due to the extreme amount of high power radio signals in the area, which would make it impossible to even safely place the charges, much less to later control them.

For the above reasons, I have never suspected that controlled demolition methods were used in the destruction of the WTC towers by terrorists, domestic or foreign after seeing the many videos of those buildings falling.

I read an article many years ago written by a structural engineer that stated that the WTC Towers were near the edge of the envelope in terms of structural safety due to their immense height and modern "naked-steel" frame construction. The large airliners nearly full of fuel crashed into the buildings well below the very top floor, so that there is enough weight and mass of the buildings above the impact point, to create sufficient further stress and pressure to initiate the collapse process after the super-heated steel lost its strength due to nearly melting, or actually melting. Once begun, the pancaking process would continue all the way down due to the marginal design strength.

This article stated that if the airliners had hit reinforced-concrete framed buildings such as the Empire State Building, the collapses would not have occurred at all, as those older buildings whose entire steel framing is ensheathed in concrete are more "over-built" than the newer "naked steel frame" designs.

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(Jan. 16, 2020) Governor of New Mexico, Michelle Lujan Grisham (D), Calls for Legalization of Marihuana.

(Aug. 30, 2018) South Korea Bans Coffee for School Children and Teachers.

Still Legal for Colleges to Make Rules for Students & Visitors to Follow.

Just because the legislature can't prohibit weed on college campuses
here or there, doesn't mean the legislators are otherwise in total control of such colleges.


(May 21, 2018) Big Apple Mayor De Blasio Orders
City Police to Stop
Arresting Marihuana Users.

Green Mountain Adults Legalize Weed!!!!!

Rohan Marley's Plans to Open
Cannabis Cafes
to Spread Harmony and Peace.

Tea Party Adjacent to Parliament, in London,
England, Advances Civilization, Many Say.

The Main Guy Behind Florida Medical Marihuana Legalization Which Won Through Ballot Initiative
Recently, is Suing State over Continued Illegality for Smoking Method of Usage.

Rev. Al Sharpton Calls for More Diversity
in Legal and Medical Marihuana Industries.

(June 7, '17) Secret Service Relaxes Pot Rules Initially for New Hires.

Washington Governor Signs Expanded Legalization Bill, Etc., Etc., Etc.

Dom Gentile, Republican Alabama Candidate
for U.S Senate Supports Medical Marihuana Legality.

American Legion Wants Marihuana
Laws Loosened, Weed Reclassified.

(May 16, '17) Russ Belville's Amazingly Convincing Arguments for the
Governor of Vermont that Driving While Stoned is Not Dangerous.

(4/27/2017) CO Adds PTSD as Qualifying Condition for MM.

(April 8, 2017) Uruguay 1st to Legalize Adult Medical Marihuana Without Prescriptions.

Injured Dutch Motorsport Driver
Promotes Medical Cannabis for Healing. (Video: March 25, 2017 )

AZ Bans Citizen-Initiative Signature Gatherers Being Paid Per-Signature.

Petitioners someday should be able to verify signatures on the SPOT
with new technolgy, with instant warning/alert for forgetful or fraudulent voters.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Says Only Pot Will Be Legalized. (March 2, 2017)

Men's Wearhouse Founder George Zimmerman
Is Thankful for Marihuana for Over 50 Years. (Posted Feb. 18, 2017.)

(Dec. 13, 2016) Canadian Panel Releases Recommendations for Legalization.

The State of Mississippi Has Banned MPP. Lawsuit to Follow.

(Nov. 15, 2016) Denver Voters Approve of Cannabis Cafe/
Cannabis Consumption Area/ concept under certain rules.

(Oct. 19, 2016) Gallup: 60% of Americans are For Legalization of Marihuana.

Chris Conrad's 5 Major Myths Concerning California Prop. 64.

(Oct. 3, 2016) Alaskan Pot Cafe Entrepreneur Needs Help.

(Sept. 29, 2016)California Governor Signed Into Law Measure
Which Legalized "Micro-Farms" for Growing Marihuana.

Unfortunately, 25 plants isn't enough for anyone, no matter how smart, to properly breed new marihuana varieties. Therefore,
this law essentially further entrenches med. marihuana growers, and large growers in terms of creating new seed varieties.

(Sept. 19, 2016) Europe: Italy Considers Legalization of Weed.

(from June 30, 2016) The "Adult Use of Marihuana Act"
has qualified for the ballot in California.

This is the initiative associated with CEO/businessman Sean Parker.

(May 10, 2016) AAA Comes Out Against Marihuana/blood level
THC/driving Laws Not Based On Science.

Victory in U. S. Capital District Seen as Opportunity for
about Legalizing Pot in the Entire USA.

Everyone Can Exhale Now..........

(3/21/16) U. S. Supreme Court Refuses to Take Up Lawsuit Overturning Pot
Legality in Colorado, Filed by Nebraska & Oklahoma.

"The Supremes" Score Another #1 Hit!!!

In Colorado, Drivers Ticketed for Marihuana DUI's Generally Winning in Court

Prohibitionist Myths Crumbling One by One....


Click Here for news about John Conroy's (NORML Canada) win in court.

(29 February 2016) Denver NORML LEAPS Ahead
With Social Cannabis Usage Ballot Initiative for 2016.

(1 March 2016) Governor of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico
Advocates for Legalizing Marihuana.

(((The Government of the USA should FOLLOW the lead.)))

(((info. researched Nov. 11, 2015)))

High Times Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam Canceled 2015.

Another similar event called


is taking place there. Reportedly, info. on Facebook.

Dutch Cannabis Coffee Shop Owner, Wife, Jailed in
Thailand, Charged
with Money-Laundering.

Tennessee State Lawmakers Introduced Legislation in Both Chambers
Which Would Make Possessing & Sharing of Small Amounts
of Marihuana No Longer a Crime.

(Bills introduced Feb. 13, 2015 - status: action deferred in Senate Judiciary Committee to 1/12/2016.
NOTE: Tennessee is one of 24 U.S. states having only representative democracy.)

Merle Haggard Says COFFEE Much Worse
than Marihuana, so LET'S LEGALIZE POT!

Louisiana Debating Actual Legalization of Marihuana.

Many Legal Immigrants Being
for Drug/Alcohol Offenses.

Cannabis cafes already opened around Canada.

Right to Grow Med. Mar. at Home Being Decided in B.C.

John Conroy (NORML Canada) involved in case.

Governor of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico Legalizes Medical Marihuana.

"The Need for Marihuana Lounges"

by Keith Stroup, esq., Legal Counsel and Founder of NORML

Rhode Island Legislature May Be First One to Legalize.

D. C. Mayor Bowser Encourages Home Growing/Using of Newly Legal Cannabis.

Influential New Jersey Group Forms to Legalize Marihuana.

Missouri "Anarchist" Attempt to Legalize Weed in the USA.


Thanks to Cannabis Culture, an online magazine from Vancouver.

Washington State Medical Marihuana System Under Severe Attack Under "Legalization".


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(((Legal at Federal Level in the USA 1775-1937)))

(((Federal illegalization)))

Is it inevitable now that new Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau
will succeed at legalizing weed up there?


Louisa May Alcott

Proponent of Hashish. Herer associated her with hashish cafes, New York City, around 1880.

Don't Be Like Mass Murderer Elliot Rodger!


How to Make Cannabis-Infused Cooking Oil with Shatter, Wax, Honey-Oil, or other Forms of Hashish.

now becoming a physical part of the "FREE SOIL" of the USA,

my slaves were freed in my Last Will and Testament,

and, as Commander-in-Chief, I repeatedly COUNTED 14 U.S. states
fighting the Revolution. WAS I SEEING THINGS?

(((The miscounted era in U.S. history (1775-1879)) really took place!!!!)))


The Only Time in History that the U.S. Government Debt was Paid
Off, and a Federal Surplus was Distributed among the States!

Lots of Pot-Friendly Hotels in PUEBLO, COLORADO.

Also, pot-friendly hotels all over Colorado as well.

in Dutch Cannabis Coffee Shops.

How to Secretly Smoke Weed in Your Apartment.


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October 6, 2022

On that date, President Joseph R. Biden began what will likely be a multi-faceted general move in the direction of legalization of marihuana at the Federal level in the United States. Click here, and click here for the President's actual statement.

(Posted Oct. 8, 2022 at about 2:29AM MST.)

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