Chinese Clinical Trials With VC Results Already. Virus May Have Mutated. Patient Numbers Too Few for Study.

Dr. Enqiang Mao: No Fatalities Yet from a Designated Group
of Hospital Patients In China Using IV Megadoses of Vit. C.

Coronavirus Vaccine "HOPE" Could Be Delusional.

The Author of This Website is an Advocate of Vaccinations.

Since the 1940's-1950's Polio Epidemic,
Top Scientists Have Known that
Megadoses of Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) Destroys
Virus Molecules
of All Types,
Perhaps Even the Corona Virus in 2020.

My Vitamin C Story.

Late 1940's - Early 1950's There Was Bing Crosby Promoting Cheap Reconstituted O.J.

Anita Bryant Became a Symbol for Cheap Orange Juice Around 1970.

NOTE2: I am NOT an anti-vaxxer. I have received two Pfeizer vaccinations, and two booster shots for the covid-19. I went to receive the Moderna booster shot one day, but they were out of stock, so instead, I received the J. and J. booster shot that day. About a month later, I received the Moderna booster shot. I have never been an anti-vaxxer.

Vitamins are legal in the USA as far as I know.

Also, I have not been a regular user or advocate of Vit. C until May 2020. I actually don't recall where I first read about Vit. C and covid-19, but that first began in March 2020, I think.

Although I tested positive for covid-19 at a dentist's office on June 21st, 2021, I never experienced any symptoms. I tested negative the next day for covid on June 22, 2021, upon receiving the bad news from the dentist's office. Then I re-tested negative on June 24, 2021. When the delta variant was first going around, I got tested on July 13, 2021, and that was negative. When I went back to the dentist on Nov. 1, 2021, I was tested again, and the results were negative.

NOTE3: I noticed online something about Vitamin C and covid-19 in March 2020, well before the vaccines became available about one year later. I do not recall what I read first about this subject, but I initiated a google search for more information beginning in March 2020.

After the police initially suppressed Dr. Li Wenliang and ordered him to shut up on Jan. 3, they now are honoring him as a great hero in China who died for his country. This is the doctor who encountered the coronavirus infection in some of his own patients on Dec. 30, 2019, about one month after it first was diagnosed and identified in China. Starting around Dec. 30, he sounded the alarm online, was summoned by the police and told to be quiet about it on Jan. 3, 2020, only to die on February 7, 2020 from the virus.

This could very well have occurred in the USA with over-moderated social media apps, or in many other foolish scenarios. But the nature of the internet for people to communicate openly as a whole is what actually saved the day. But there are a lot of lies which circulate on the internet.

Maybe two decades ago, it might have taken years for the word to get out.

I find it odd that the American media and many politicians expect only perfection in China, while not in the USA. What does that tell us?

There is some strong evidence from the many studies conducted by Dr. F. R. Klenner, M.D., and perhaps other studies done by other doctors and scientists, that large doses of vitamin C cured polio at a very early stage. But one of the studies cited above seemed to have been done on patients given large doses of vitamin C who tested positive for polio, but who had not yet developed extreme symptoms that eventually occur in some or many patients. In Klenner's study, no obvious symptoms (extreme damage) occurred for all the patients using large amounts of vitamin C. What is sad is that the control group who were not given large doses of vit. C did develop the really serious symptoms, and the study above does not state whether vitamin C was ever used to try and help them, and what the results were.

NOTE: viruses cannot be killed since they are not alive. But viruses, like any protein material, can be re-arranged (dijested, destroyed, neutralized, etc.) and recycled. A virus is simply a stray scrap of protein that resembles our own body's DNA, or RNA, and which somehow confuses our body's genetic activities. The body's confused state is actually the cause of sicknesses linked to viruses. A healthy body should not become ill from exposure to a virus. Everyday, our immune systems normally destroy and recyle virus protein material in our bodies. That process must be what megadoses of vitamin C strengthens.

Could the world-wide habit of having cheap processed re-constituted or flash-pasteurized orange juice served at breakfast been greatly encouraged or widely adopted soon after World War II when polio was devastating much of the entire world? It's possible that word got out (word of mouth) about Vitamin C during this period, although orthodox science seemed to greatly ignore Dr. Klenner's and other doctor's and researchers' findings. Now today, many are pretrified of sugar in orange juice, but embrace viral sicknesses instead.

Well I was close. Turns out the orange juice mania started mostly during WWII and just afterwards, just in time to probably help reduce the severity of the polio epidemic, but did it taste good enough to persuade enough people to actually drink it?

Cheap orange juice was being pushed very heavily in those years (1945-1960) probably, and cheap synthetic vitamin C was often added to it, just as it is today. Could this have prevented polio from occurring to my generation starting around 1953??? I don't know. The polio cases in the local area seem to have been 1945-1952 or so. Perhaps there were fewer and fewer cases as the vaccine was being given out, also. (The first vaccine was not available until 1955 except for people taking part in the trials of the Salk vaccine.)

The "MDR" (Minimum Daily Requirement) is replaced by the new "RDA" (Recommended Dietary Allowance). I actually can't find any information about when that change occurred. I grew up with the "MDR" for vitamins and minerals.

NOTE: the air and water all around us are full of viruses and bacteria. Our intestines cannot operate without various beneficial bacteria. So "killing all the bacteria in the universe" is not a desirable situation.

Preventing the diseases caused by different viruses is not the same thing as curing those diseases that already have taken hold. There is ample evidence that vitamin C, and many other vitamins and nutrients as well, helps prevent many sicknesses, and help us heal if we have a disease. What is a vitamin?

For example, tubercsulosis is much more common in poverty stricken areas and countries than in affluent areas and countries. This is probably due to there being a better diet with more supplements, vitamins, and nutrients in the affluent areas and countries.

Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) is named after another common disease: scurvy. Notice the correct pronunciation of "ascorbic". The "c" is a hard "c".

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