My Vitamin C Story.

Question: "Are Most Humans Suffering from Scurvy?"

NOTE: the correct pronunciation of the word, "ascorbic acid" is with a "hard c", as in "scurvy" or "cat".

NOTE2: I am NOT an anti-vaxxer. I have received two Pfeizer vaccinations, and two booster shots for the covid-19. I went to receive the Moderna booster shot one day, but they were out of stock, so instead, I received the J. and J. booster shot that day. About a month later, I received the Moderna booster shot. I have never been an anti-vaxxer.

Vitamins are legal in the USA as far as I know.

Also, I have not been a regular user or advocate of Vit. C until May 2020. I actually don't recall where I first read about Vit. C and covid-19, but that first began in March 2020, I think.

Although I tested positive for covid-19 at a dentist's office on June 21st, 2021, I never experienced any symptoms. I tested negative the next day for covid on June 22, 2021, upon receiving the bad news from the dentist's office. Then I re-tested negative on June 24, 2021. When the delta variant was first going around, I got tested on July 13, 2021, and that was negative. When I went back to the dentist on Nov. 1, 2021, I was tested again, and the results were negative.

NOTE3: I noticed online something about Vitamin C and covid-19 in March 2020, well before the vaccines became available about one year later. I do not recall what I read first about this subject, but I initiated a google search for more information beginning in March 2020.


In the past, I never took vitamin C seriously. I considered it a sort-of "vitamin candy". Sometimes I took vitamin C supplements, but never for long.

I never got a cold, so therefore, I never used vit. C very often. Everyone I know who uses vit. C is always doing so because they have a cold all the time. I'm just the opposite. I don't think I've had a cold since I was in high school.

NOTE: when I'm feeling "under-the-weather", I've always told people that, "I think I have a cold", while in reality, I don't know what I have. I just feel lousy so I "blame" it on a cold. But in reality, I don't think I've actually had an actual cold (from a virus) for a really long time. I have had viruses, flu, and other sicknesses, but as far as the common cold, I seem to have been spared for most of my life. In fact, I have doubted, "the common cold is caused by a virus", theory for most of my life. I mean, any illness caused by a virus is a really serious thing, and colds, to me, never seemed that serious.

Now, the more I read about vitamin C, the more I feel that all of us humans, except those who may have mutated into some new type of human being, should be taking more of it since our bodies cannot synthesize it, unlike the birds and most other creatures here on planet earth. Through sheer logic, I feel that many humans are horribly deficient in vitamin C and may be suffering from scurvy.

And the available information online indicates that in times of sickness or stress, we use up our pathetically tiny stores of vit. C very quickly. Maybe we should carry it with us in our pocket with our wallet, etc. (Don't leave home without it.....)

We humans are members of a small disadvantaged family of creatures on earth that need to seek out foods with vitamin C since our bodies do not synthesize ascorbic acid (vitamin C). Or we must take vitamin C supplements. Our cousins are the guinea pigs, apes, bats, fish(?), and a few others, but please don't kiss your cousins.

In the past, I would sometimes buy some vitamin C. But I usually just used a multi-vitamin. So using vitamin C separately was not an ingrained habit for me. I never used it every day, day after day. And when I ran out, I usually didn't go out to buy it again. It might be months or years before I re-stocked.

The first major improvement for my neck trouble:

So until March 2020, when the lock-down due to covid-19 occurred, I was never a regular user of vitamin C, and I don't really have much to say about it. I just bought two bottles of the cheapest I could find on March 15th, 2020. When I went back to the store where I found it, the shelves were nearly empty of vitamin C. (April 11th, 2020 update - the shelves are still nearly empty of vitamn C everywhere I have looked. But the stores are NOT out of stock.)

These days, I do feel better using it. I don't recall in the past feeling anything at all after taking vitamin C.

But I have noticed a general feeling of "well-being" lately. Maybe it's the vitamin C.

My neck trouble. In very early 2009, I was diagnosed by a chiropractor using X-rays of my neck, with arthritis. At that moment, I had just found a really excellent massage therapist who could do really good deep tissue massage for my neck.

A few years later in April 2014, in another state, another chiropractor also independently diagnosed me with arthritis in my neck. I did not ask either chiropractor to do the x-rays. Both of these visits to the chiropractor were routine maintenance visits, and I asked nothing of the two doctors.

Since 2009, I have tried to obtain good massage therapy for my neck trouble. But frankly, I have had only modest improvement until March 2020. Note that due to the corona-virus (lock-down), I have been unable to obtain neck massage since March 8, 2020. But without receiving any massage therapy, I have noticed an improvement for my neck trouble since April 2020 or so.

Today, May 28th, (after the covid-19 lock-down ended for this area) I returned to the same LMT (licensed massage therapist) that had worked on my neck on March 8th, 2020, and this therapist told me today that my neck was unusually relaxed and easy to msssage. This was after a two and a half month period (covid-19 lock-down) with no massage.

The only change in my life during this two and a half month lock-down period was the oral consumption of about three grams per day of vitamin C in tablet form. I used the cheapest vitamin C I could find. I was not taking the vitamn C for my neck, but to help protect me from the corona virus.