My Vitamin C Story.

Question: "Are Most Humans Suffering from Scurvy?"

NOTE: the correct pronunciation of the word, "ascorbic acid" is with a "hard c", as in "scurvy" or "cat".

In the past, I never took vitamin C seriously. I considered it a sort-of "vitamin candy". Sometimes I took vitamin C supplements, but never for long.

I never got a cold, so therefore, I never used vit. C very often. Everyone I know who uses vit. C is always doing so because they have a cold all the time. I'm just the opposite. I haven't had a cold since I was in high school, I don't think.

Now, the more I read about vitamin C, the more I feel that all of us humans, except those who may have mutated into some new type of human being, should be taking more of it since our bodies cannot synthesize it, unlike the birds and most other creatures here on planet earth. Through sheer logic, I feel that many humans are horribly deficient in vitamin C and may be suffering from scurvy.

And the available information online indicates that in times of sickness or stress, we use up our pathetically tiny stores of vit. C very quickly. Maybe we should carry it with us in our pocket with our wallet, etc. (Don't leave home without it.....)

We humans are members of a small disadvantaged family of creatures on earth that need to seek out foods with vitamin C since our bodies do not synthesize ascorbic acid (vitamin C). Or we must take vitamin C supplements. Our cousins are the guinea pigs, apes, bats, fish(?), and a few others, but please don't kiss your cousins.

In the past, I would sometimes buy some vitamin C. But I usually just used a multi-vitamin. So using vitamin C separately was not an ingrained habit for me. I never used it every day, day after day. And when I ran out, I usually didn't go out to buy it again. It might be months or years before I re-stocked.

So until March 2020, I was never a regular user of it, and I don't really have much to say about it. I just bought two bottles of the cheapest I could find on March 15th, 2020. When I went back to the store where I found it, the shelves were nearly empty of vitamin C. (April 11th, 2020 update - the shelves are still nearly empty of vitamn C everywhere I have looked. But the stores are NOT out of stock.)

These days, I do feel better using it. I don't recall in the past feeling anything at all after taking vitamin C.

But I have noticed a general feeling of "well-being" lately. Maybe it's the vitamin C.