Is it True That There are Too Many "Wild
Claims" Regarding Medical Usage of Marijuana. No.

RE: the "wild claims" that marijuana used as medicine helps a very large number of ailments.

RE: the history of the discovery of the endocannabinoid system.. General online search for "history endocannabinoid system".

These "wild claims" tend to create skepticism in the general public, some of whom assume that what is really happening is a massive "abuse" of marijuana by irresponsible "pot-heads".

"The wellness drug." If we study the endo-cannabinoid system, and what its functions are for human health in general, we might discover why pot really is "the wellness drug" which affects so many common ailments. Another "hint" of this status is that medical usage of pot really helps an extremely wide variety of different ailments; from Alzheimer's disease, to glaucoma, from insomnia, to pain relief, from anorexia to arthritis; and those are just some of them.

Also, the "magic bullet" approach to understanding the medical effects of different drugs, cannot possibly bring understanding to how weed works for most ailments. For that, we need to understand the "endo-cannabinoid" system of the human body first.

But the haters of pot used to call it "devil weed". Tragically, the endo-cannabinoid system was not discovered by science until the period beginning in 1988. A lot of people are still closed minded about it. That's really devilish.

This ignorance of the endo-cannabinoid system is what creates skepticism concerning the extremely wide-ranging effects of medical marijuana.