Dr. Fauci's September 2020 Confession Probably Saved Lives!

Can Vitamin C, Ascorbic Acid, Sodium Ascorbate, Etc.,
Help Prevent and Even Cure Covid-19 and Other Diseases?

(Feb. 14, 2021) Major Media Push in Britain by Large Groups RE: Viruses and Vitamin C. 68 percent reduction in fatalities from Covid-19 in Chinese study conducted in Wuhan. Dr. Klenner would probably say that they didn't use enough, per seriously ill patient!

(Sept. 14, 2020) Dr. Fauci's Confession: Dr. Fauci recommends vitamin C and D to boost your immune system, and he also takes these two supplements himself. This article also from September 2020. Fauci says being well rested is more important than anything else. It appears that the entire world media was mostly hesitant to even discuss this subject until Dr. Fauci "confessed" in September 2020,

Link to website with much information about vitamin C as treatment for many diseases.

Dr. Federick R. Klenner, M.D., has stated back in the 1950's in the USA that if intravenously supplied megadoses of Vitamin C are not working with 100% success, then the dose was probably too small. Here is the link.

Note that in the early 1950's, the term "Minimum Daily Requirement" was in use. This term was later changed to "Recommended Dietary Allowance" which is still in use today. Note that Dr. Klenner did not agree with the philosophy that proposed those minimum amounts to remain healthy.

Instead, for those already very ill and in the hospital as patients, he recommended massive intravenously supplied doses per day, sometimes in the range of 50 to 150 grams! This is much more than the amounts being considered in most of the various clinical trials.

(Feb. 10, 2021) A fairly recent article updated in Sept. 2020 that explores the possibilities. I think this article is from India.

My posting and links to articles about the subject beginning around mid-March 2020. Most of these links are to items concerning an American doctor of ethnic Chinese background working in Shanghai, China, Dr. Richard Cheng. This doctor, and others, believe that intravenously administered vitamin C can actually greatly help cure the corona-virus.

A group of doctors in Shanghai, China, believe that about 3 grams of vitamin C taken by mouth every day can help prevent sickness from occurring in the first place. But if someone is really already sick, they need much more according to Dr. Klenner (who is not the Chinese doctor. Dr. Klenner died a long time ago).