Trump at Mount Rushmore.

The "Wild-Card" President with No Track Record Whatsoever
Versus the Entrenched Establshment Media and Government Both.

Let's get this straight. The President of the USA wants to give a July 4th speech at Mount Rushmore. Then, so much static is created, I can't believe it. It's as if he were Adolph Hitler. This is the media's predominant attitude, and is as clearly evident as the sun in the sky.

I disagree with Trump about a lot of things, such as abortion. But the chances that the Supreme Court will side with him on abortion, are so slim, that I generally ignore his stance. He has no power to enforce his views on abortion. The media has constantly pretended for years that Trump is a substantial threat to abortion rights. I've felt all along that he was never a threat.

The idea that the USA is so weak in our dealing with the Native Americans, that Trump might be barred from visiting this famous monument, is absurd. I was very curious to watch the spectacle. I had to search for an unedited reportage of it. The media "birds" had already pecked away at it, chopped it up, and edited it in order to distort it.

NOTE: the fire danger would tend to put the firefighters on notice to be alert after the fireworks show. Is this too much to ask? This is July 4, 2020, and the idea that the USA has been banished from this territory seems to bring glee to so many lately. All things considered, that would be a horrible tragedy. So I was glad the event took place, and glad to see our national "talking head" doing his thing there.

Trump spoke at Mt. Rushmore. He didn't mention the "rebel" cause of the Civil War in any positive way. And of course, no one's face from the other side was displayed on Mt. Rushmore. He did give a list of "great Americans" to include in his "National Park of Great Americans", and there were no Confederates mentioned, but plenty of African-Americans.

The media is still distorting and reporting things as if Trump were waving the Confederate flag. Not so at Mt. Rushmore.

As far as being devisive, I disagree. I didn't notice any divisiveness from Trump other than his general attack upon those expounding terrorist views against the USA.

Sorry Osama, but I don't see you as being representative of the people of the United States.

What's odd is the difficulty everyone has in actually seeing with their own eyes and ears what the President is saying and doing, without it being distorted by the media. The headlines are still very distorted throughout the U.S. media, in comparison to what is actually happening.

The people have to watch the unedited versions of everything in order to know the truth. It's not easy to find unedited versions. This is a terrible sign for Trump that the media is so deadset against him.

When we consider that Trump really has no track record as a politician, the basis of this hatred for him is not to be found since there's no political history of him. It's a synthesized hatred born of the entrenched media establishment, and the entrenched government establishment which were already in bed with each other long before Trump came along.

Trump doesn't fit. He's a totally unpredictable "wild-card". I find this drama very interesting to watch. This "amateur" politician comes along and begins upsetting all the apple carts of the establishment.

It's as if a regular U.S. citizen, with little or no experience, were suddenly put in charge of the USA, similar to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky who was a mere comedian before getting elected. Trump is very similar. There's pros and cons to this situation.

I prefer to see it in a positive light, especially from the point of view of "commonsense" versus inside-the-beltway" establishmentarianism.

But the extent of the disdain for Trump held by the establishment goes way beyond what is appropriate and sane. As someone who did not support or vote for Trump due to my total ignorance of him, I am merely observing what I see. I didn't vote for Hillary either. I voted for Gary Johnson, the libertarian. I am neutral and unbiased.