Stop Gum/Tooth Rot Before It Can Begin!

Here's my video of an extremely simple, easy, and fast FLOSSING procedure which is more simple and faster than conventional flossing. Click here to see a quick and free youtube video.


  • New Floss 1 method cleans 75% of the periodontal area of all 36 teeth (or however many you have left). Page 1 of New Floss 1 Method.
  • New Floss 2 method also cleans 75% of the periodontal area of all 36 teeth (or however many you have left), but from the opposite angle. New Floss 1 and New Floss 2 overlap. Page 1 of New Floss 2 Method, Page 2 of New Floss 2 Method.

Here's the text from the youtube video:

READ THIS. STEP 1: check for loose teeth before using this method.

If a tooth is loose or the associated gum is bleeding, exercise extreme care not to pull too hard laterally on the tooth with the floss using this new-floss method. Be careful not to pull out the teeth, or move them around too much.

If the gums bleed when flossing, this is nearly 100% evidence of gum disease, so continue to lightly floss all 36 teeth, or however many you have left. Skip a day, then floss again until the bleeding stops. At that point, the gums are becoming healthy again and the gum disease is momentarily eradicated. Floss daily from then on.

The cleanliness of the tooth-gum junction (periodontal area) is more important than having clean tooth surfaces. This gum-tooth junction, mostly unreachable without floss, can easily be totally cleaned with floss or dental tape.

I like the dental tape better. Look for "dental tape" on the internet. Click on this link:

The tooth/gum junction area, the area where gum disease begins, the periodontal area, can also be totally flossed 360 degrees. The "new-floss'' method shown here on the video only reaches about 270 degrees around each tooth as you can see. The front-most tooth-gum area has not been cleaned yet.

FINISH UP: THIS IS NOT ON THE VIDEO. the remaining 90 degrees, which is the front area of each tooth's gum/tooth junction area, can be reached using conventional flossing methods, or the New Floss 2 method. I don't yet have a video of the New Floss 2 Method, but I posted two pages of diagrams of that.

NOTE: I love my living teeth more than my dentist. I am NOT a dentist or trained dental hygiene expert. I discovered these two methods pretty much on my own. A friend of mine had also discovered the New Floss 1 Method on his own. Dentists are generally not being paid to preserve our teeth, but to remove them when they rot and die. This advice may help save your teeth from an early death. SAVE YOUR TEETH!!!!!! STOP THE ROT!!!!!

Video from 2004 or 2005.