Science or Politics?

This Wasn't Supposed to Happen According to Science:


(April 11, 2020) Just a few weeks ago, it was considered scientifically proven that if all the sources of pollution on planet earth were to be terminated right now, it would still take decades, perhaps many decades, before the air quality would improve on planet earth.

Many scientists, using computer modeling, had predicted that the planet was already doomed due to the amounts of pollution entering the earth's atmosphere, oceans, and so forth.

But now, after just a few weeks, the air quality has improved already quite a bit. Someone was wrong, apparently! I'm glad they were wrong.

A few years ago, I took a trip with a group to India. One of the cities we were to visit was New Delhi. Upon arriving in this city on a Sunday evening, it was raining that night. The air was very clean and fresh. But we were told that normally, the air was horribly polluted in New Delhi, and no one could breathe. So in this case, it only took about 48 hours (since Friday evening) and some rain to clean the air of one city.

So, I had experienced some clue already that the scientists and the computer models might be wrong about air pollution being so hard to clean up.