Coffeeshop Sara Sani closed by order of Mayor


Saturday, September 1, 2007 9:38

Utrecht - Mayor Brouwer, after consultation with prosecutors and police, Sara Sani coffee shop decided to close with immediate effect. The operating license is revoked catering and the sale of soft drugs in the coffee shop is no longer tolerated. The closure follows the preliminary results of the police investigation into drug trafficking, showing the involvement of staff at the coffee shop shows.


Photo: FBF

Friday, August 24 The police last five persons arrested for suspicion of involvement in drug trafficking. Research by the police revealed that on this day a transaction took place from 9.7 kilograms of soft drugs. The contact between buyer and seller of coffee and Sara Sani placed in the preparation and delivery was at least à © à © n employee of Sara Sani involved. Also shows that in a nearby building, the home of à © à © n the business of Sara Sani, 37.3 kilograms of soft drugs was present. The tolerance conditions for coffee shops is a standard of 5 grams per person per day. The sale of nearly 10 kilograms of soft drugs does not in any way with this standard. In the coffee shop policy of allowing existing stock a norm of 500 grams. It is known that the operation of a coffee shop elsewhere usually more stock available. The size of the stock has been found so high that it can only be explained for the (also) used for large-scale transactions, as defined on August 24.