Cecil Padgett, the prosecution's chief witness against Chief Deputy Sheriff Albert Fuller who was convicted and spent about 9 or 10 years behind bars for the murder of Albert Patterson, suddenly appeared again in Phenix City visiting and gossiping in a local attorney's office around late 1964 or early 1965, and perjured himself in relation to his testimony against Arch Ferrell and Albert Fuller both. (The trials were almost identical in terms of the witnesses called to testify from both defense and prosecution.)

I don't know who the attorney was who heard or read the original perjury from Cecil Padgett, but shortly thereafter the state parole board under Gov. George Wallace granted parole to Albert Fuller. Likewise, Attorney Arch Ferrell was reinstated before the state bar and again began to practice law in Phenix City. This was due to Padgett's gossiping and perjuring himself to a certain local attorney, now shared openly with all Phenix City attorneys even into the new century.

This perjury is still accepted as legal fact in the Alabama state courts today, and among most or all Phenix City attorneys in 2017.

I found this old newspaper clipping in a box of really old things. I had never seen it before in my whole life. I think I found it back around 1996 or 1997 before the books about Phenix City popped up in the late 1990's.

Someone confessed to the murder of Albert Patterson on Dec. 11, 1958 though it appears the person was not considered reliable. But here it is anyway:

Note that this person in state prison in Virginia who confessed, is not the same one mentioned below released from Federal prison just to commmit the murder, then returned to the prison.

My own opinion from talking to one of the accused quite often when he was alive, my own uncle, and from reading everything I can, and doing some logical inference, I came to the following conclusions:

In we look at photos of Albert Fuller taken before and after the murder, scandal, martial law, and total cleanup, he looks like a crook before Albert Patterson died. I mean Albert Fuller looks wicked in all the photos taken of him prior to the death of Albert Patterson.

But if we look at photos of Albert Fuller taken after Patterson's death, he looks saintly in all of them, as if he had a halo over his head. I'm referring to the convicted murderer of Albert Patterson who was granted parole after Padgett's perjury. But looks can be deceiving.