Even Without Twitter, Trump is Still in Control?

Is He Using Psychic Powers to Communicate with "the Mob"?

Who Was, and May Still Be, In Control of the Out-of-Control Mob?

(Jan. 10, 2021) My initial posting: "An out-of-control mob, controlled by Trump....." But then I realized this statement was a contradiction.

Legal fiction: an "out of control" mob could not be considered to be controlled by Trump, since this mob was out of anyone's control.

Note that the media's usage of terms such as, "The Siege of the Capital", implies that someone is commanding the group who have laid siege to the U.S. Capital.

Is there actually any evidence that Trump is still in control of his army of troublemakers? His Twitter account is locked out, so how is he still controlling his minions????

Should Trump Be Impeached?

If Trump is guilty for what happened on Jan. 6th, he's also
guilty of thousands and thousands of other such crimes,
physically committed by others under his "control".

All U.S. politicians are now guilty of any crimes committed by their "followers".

A few years ago in Charlottesville, Virginia, James Field, a "white supremacist" committed murder and other crimes, and there, some blamed Trump for that crime (or crimes). But in terms of Trump, it didn't reach the level of an indictable offence there, so why do we stretch the truth now?

We should hold those responsible for committing crimes, responsible, and not those who are not responsible.

In no court of law in the USA could Trump be indicted for having committed the crimes in Virginia or on Capital Hill; but in Congress politically, who knows?

First of all, I don't think Trump ordered or requested his "followers" to commit anything other than a protest at the Capital. Protesting peacefully is not illegal. Using words such as "fight", or "combat" does not mean that Trump really intended for anyone to use violence. It was the choice of those protestors, not Trump, to go over the line and break the law.

Note that at no other point during Trump's attempts after the Nov. 3 General Election to contest or overturn his loss to Joe Biden, was anything chaotic or illegal done until Jan. 6, 2021. The long series of irritating, but not illegal, attempts to win the election after the apparent loss on Nov. 3rd, were not illegal, violent, or destructive until the Capital Hill incidents.

The term "agents provacateurs", should be used to describe those who went over the line and committed obvious felonies on Capital Hill on behalf of Trump. To juxtapose Trump's utteranaces before the events in question as being "commands to commit felonies", is an extreme exaggeration.

I'm sorry, but I don't think Trump or any politician should be blamed for mentally ill acts committed by others.

If Trump is guilty of the Capital Hill crimes on Jan. 6th, he's guilty of hundreds and thousands of other crimes physically committed by other "actors" under his direct control, as well.