Using Weed for Insomnia, My Story.

DEFINITION: "using weed" here means smoking, vaping or eating edibles.

USING WEED SUCCESSFULLY FOR INSOMNIA: if we smoke or vape weed only once per day, just before bed-time, it sometimes will generally not work so well for insomnia since we are getting "stoned" just before bed, which tends to make doing interesting things such as watching movies or listening to music, even more interesting, and therefore, not really conducive for getting to sleep.

But I haven't had that problem lately. Maybe with smoking or vaping, it should be twice per day. With edibles though, once per day, one hour before bed-time, is working well for me.

Lately, I've had no insomnia problems. So the 99% effectiveness has been experienced when using it just once per day, using edibles.

With edibles, I'm using hard candy about 1 hour before bed-time, just before cleaning my teeth for the day. So the effect is felt about one hour after using the edibles.

But in general, for weed to work successfully in treating insonmia, better if we use it at least once during the daytime before using it again at night before going to bed. Or perhaps in the early evening first, then just before bed-time again. Each usage session would last about 10 seconds each session, for a maximum of 20 seconds of usage per day.

In that second-time for the day or evening scenario, I have found it probably 99% effective. But weed is not really a narcotic, so it will never be an actual knock-out drug. To be "knocked out" to get to sleep would require some really powerful narcotics. Weed is not in that category. NOTE: someone who falls asleep after using weed is not "comatose". Such a person can be easily awakened by alarm clocks, or from being shaken, etc. In other words, this is a naturally asleep person, not an actual zombie.

NOTE: if you live in a medical-marihuana-only state or country, check with your doc or pot-doc before smoking or vaping weed for insomnia or any other ailments. If you live in a place where weed is only legal for those over the age of 21 or 19 or 18, then this advice is not necessary as weed is then an OTC (over the counter) medication.

"Usage" here means one (or two) tiny little puffs. That takes about 5 or 10 seconds maximum of your time, each time that you use it. Anymore than that is wasting it.

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