The Goal of

My goal has always been to go one step further than the Dutch have gone; in other words, to help legalize marijuana for adults, and to decriminalize it for non-adults. On the other hand, I think that in Holland, those adults that possess less than 5 grams of cannabis are secure, and experience limited legality as well. But pot should be as legal as alcohol in the Netherlands if the word "legal" is required, and the word "legal" should be required there and here.

If those who possess alcohol, let's say the maximum amount by law is 100 bottles of beer, then the equivalent should be legal for marijuana. I suppose that one ounce of pot is equivalent to 50 bottles of beer. So we should increase the maximum amount of pot to 2 ounces that can legally be possessed by an adult.

The other goal of, is to promote the idea of the civil marijuana cafe, "civil" as in "civilization". But the cafe should not be a way to entrap, jail, or spy on people. That means, no ulterior motives for the cafe other than civility. All people should arrive at the cafe alive and free, and all should exit the cafe alive and free. If the cafe becomes a way to ensnare or trap victims, then civility has failed. In other words, the purpose of the cafe is not to spy on cafe patrons, not to rob them, and not to kidnap or jail them.

It's funny how a place known historically mainly for civility, "the cafe", could become the exact opposite if we don't watch out.

The people who run the cafe can impose rules that are applied when someone enters the cafe. Trouble-makers can be evicted, preferably soon after they enter and cause trouble.