NOTE: the author of this website does not wish to protest against, or complain about any methods being used to commercially produce power and/or electrical power by anyone or any company. On the contrary, I thank everyone who works in the energy industry for helping provide electric power, and other forms of power, nuclear power, natural gas, heating, or cooling to the people of planet earth, using every mode of production and transfer. Without reliable power and/or energy, very little can be accomplished in life.

Nuclear Power Obsolete?

World's First Geothermal Power Plant
to Use Injected "Cold" Water, Proven to Work.

(((New Power Plant Predicted to be Finished Within Five years!)))

"There’s a Vast Source of Clean Energy
Beneath Our Feet. And a Race to Tap It."

(Oct. 12, 2023) Earlier this summer around July 7, 2023, a major geothermal energy research milestone was achieved near Blundell, Utah: click here.

After that major success in July, approval to immediately build a permanent 400 megawatt power plant was given by the various agencies. IADD/New York Times, Aug. 28, 2023: click here.

(Oct. 4, 2023) No suicidal dirty bomb from this power generating method. A recent mention from an MIT journal (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) agrees with me that such new-technology geothermal power plants are probably going to be much less expensive and much safer than nuclear. The primary feature is that such "cold water injection" geothermal plants should be feasible to build anywhere on planet earth. The one just approved in Utah will use the same water supply in a closed loop system, so vast amounts of water are not required, apparently.

Here's two items I already wrote about geothermal energy producing no waste heat at all back in 2020, or earlier:

No Waste Heat at All from Geothermal I, or

No Waste Heat at All from Geothermal II .

I didn't date the first item until Jan. 12, 2020, so it already was posted before that date. The second item also not dated when posted, so I recently dated it with a recent date.