July 30, 1619 - July 30, 2019
Jamestown, Virginia.

Rare, Emotionally Moving, Colorful, Historical, Well Done, and
Witty Spectacle Mostly Ignored by the World Media.

400th Anniversary of the Genesis of
Democracy in the New World

I feel fortunate to have found this video: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

History of the Steam Engine: click here.

The first primitive steam engine used industrially was invented in 1698, about 80 years after democracy began in Jamestown, Virginia. Wouldn't it have been fantastic if "the need" for slave labor had ended in 1698? Eventually the industrial revolution made slave labor obsolete. This process in the USA unfortunately took about 246 years (1865-1619).

From the previous paragraph's calculation, slavery was nearly obsolete from the beginning of the Virginia colony.

RE: Video about Celebration of Democracy in Virginia, 400 years after July 30, 1619, which takes us to July 30, 2019

The Trump part is about one fifteenth or one tenth of the entire video, almost at the very end, and it's also worth seeing.

Advice: skip ahead to 0:14:14: or to 0:21:00. Another good speaker is introduced at 0:27:00 Using the cursor, click on the "timeline bar" at the bottom of the screen to move forward or backward in time.

Truth is, curiosity got the better of me, and I looked and looked on the internet until this gem came up. This is the entire original video from the Virginia legislature, and the conglomeration of organizations that put on this huge event. It's such a feast of genuine Americana.

It's a huge theft of achievement and understanding to not see this celebration/commemoration from the start. Please skip over the blank spots. There's really a lot less than 4 hours of video.

Perhaps the best part is seeing that Native American Chief at the very end expressing such sincere love for the current USA.