Why trash American freedom? Note that many states have given their citizens the impression that marijuana has been totally decriminalized. However, most "decrim." states still criminalize and "trash" all those who plead guilty or are convicted; you will have a criminal trash record except in states like California that finally decriminalized completely about a month before the November 2010 election. On the other hand, the entire arrest procedure, and so forth, amount still to trashing a good citizen's precious moments of American freedom; what our soldiers are fighting for, and always have.

Why trash American freedom? Why dishonor the sacrfices made by all Americans for over 200 years to maintain freedom, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness?

If you plead guilty under "decrim", you would casually give up, under legal sworn oath, all those rights that millions of Americans have fought to keep for Americans, for over 200 years? You would criminalize yourself, under oath, so that you would, from that moment on, be associated with a vast anti-American criminal prison culture?

DECRIM. MEANS CONTINUED TRASHIFICATION OF THE U.S. Under decrim., criminal distribution systems and the prison culture prevail, instead of normal American culture. This is pure perversion and Anti-American insanity! This institutionalization of crime is slowly eroding almost every measurable parameter of civilization in our country.

Decriminalization increases the crime rate by requiring that those accused of the violation, to swear words, under solemn oath, to the effect, that,

"I am a guilty criminal for having violated this marihuana law. I will now pay you $100, or so, as punishment for my criminality. I will continue to be a criminal and associate with other criminal anti-American forces opposed to law, order, and civilization! This may not be the only time I violated U.S. law!"

Kinda makes you feel all warm and cozy inside, doesn't it?

After this oath, the government can legally associate you with all other criminals on record.

To avoid swearing words to the same meaning as above, you can also plead "not-guilty", no matter what. Might also save you $100.00, or so. Personally, I think the government should pay you for the trouble they have caused a U.S. citizen for NO GOOD REASON, usually!