NOTE: "Dixie" was never the official national anthem of the CSA (a fictional country). It was already a very popular song just before the Civil War, and was, in fact, Abraham Lincoln's favorite song. After he became President of the USA, Lincoln often had the U.S. military band at his disposal play his favorite song. Note also that the so-called flag of Dixie was also never the official flag of the CSA (a fictional country). Hollywood has created many myths, such as these two concerning the song and the flag both.

The Yankees are Creating Again
The Confederate States of America?

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NOTE: I personally agree that governmental usage of the "Dixie flag" in the USA, is inappropriate and inflammatory. I agree that Mississippi should remove the "Confederate flag" from their state flag.

However, I don't think that informal personal usage of it means anything in particular; it does not usually mean the person with the flag is a "noveau-Confederate". I have never met any actual "noveau-Confederates" in my entire life.

Are there really people out there who want to secede from the USA and start a new Confederacy??? I doubt it!

Boston Pops Orchestra version of "Dixie" from the 1960's probably. This exact version was often used by radio stations in the south when signing off each day.

(July 7, 2020) NOTE: the "deep south states of the USA", is not the same thing as the "Confederate States of America". The first expression refers to a part of the USA. The second refers to a separate and independent country. The current usage of the flag of Dixie around the USA is generally not about a separate and new country that split away from the USA, but rather about a regional culture of the USA that informally defines itself as "Dixie". But the current general group of southern U.S. states that call themselves, "Dixie" is much larger than the area that tried to secede from the USA back in 1861-1865.

"Dixie" today extends all over the USA, to some extent.

RE: "THE LOST CAUSE" Most genuine southerners refer to the former Confederacy, etc., as "the lost cause". That's as serious as they usually get about the CSA. This term refers to what ended in 1865.

Although we are taught in school that the Confederate States of America were defeated, and no longer exist, it seems that some, beginning with the "Yankee" Radical Republicans, have always wanted to institutionalize and make permanent the Confederacy and the secession of so many states into another country and cause; never mind the fact that the actual combatants themselves mostly reassimilated into mainstream U.S. society soon after April 1865.

The Radical Republicans could not send the U.S. military as victors to occupy U.S. territory; they had to create the CSA as a fictional foreign country first in order to dictatorially occupy it as military victors. This flaw in their thinking tended to create and maintain the enemy they claimed to have just defeated.

Presidents Lincoln and Johnson are usually accused lately of being racists or traitors for their actions immediately after the war ended in quickly re-admitting the "Confederate pretenders", and restoring the rebel states to their proper relation as U.S. states. In other words, Lincoln and Johnson sought to preserve the USA, rather than formalize the defeated South into a permanent and separate Confederacy.

When both NASCAR and General Mattis recently forbade the usage of the battle flag of the (former or fictional) Confederacy, I fear that this action tended to imply recognition by the government of the USA for the CSA, even in 2020. This would imply that the Confederacy was never successfully defeated!

Both NASCAR and the U.S. government and others outside the South seem to want to re-create the Confederate States of America.

General Mattis, your implied recognition of the Confederate States of America, is an ongoing mistake!!!!

Let the CSA die, if it hasn't died already! The flag of Dixie as currently used by most is not a revolutionary flag of the CSA any longer.

That ended in April 1865. Otherwise, the North lost the Civil War if this flag still brings fear into your mind and heart.

NOTE: anyone flying the flag of Dixie to represent the Confederate States of America, should be arrested for committing treason, and the flag they flew for the wrong reason should be confiscated.

But those who simply own and fly a Dixie flag for cultural reasons, should not be presumed to be "noveau-Confederates".

FACT: there is no Confederate States of America since April 1865.

If the CSA really exists, where is their seat of government? Who is their President? When did they elect such and such to lead their country? Who is their Ambassador to the United States? What is the address of their embassy in Washington, D.C.? Where are their borders with the USA?