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(Images from the actual (fictitious) book about the
confessions of an English opium addict, the book that I found
but could not yet read, at age 5, is shown here (see below).

I still have that book in my possession in the year 2023.)

EXCERPT from book: "... The reader may be sure, therefore, that I made attempts innumerable to reduce the quantity (((OF OPIUM))). I add, that those who witnessed the agonies of those attempts, and not myself, were the first to beg me to desist. But could not I have reduced it a drop a day, or by adding water, have bisected or trisected a drop?...

... that down to a certain point it can be reduced with ease and even pleasure, but, that after that point, further reduction causes intense suffering. ..."


Confessions of an English Opium-Eater

by Thomas de Quincey

Heritage Press - New York - 1950

Note: the original edition was published sometime in the 19th century.

(It's not upside down.)

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