Normal Human Biological Behavior from
Inhaling Dust, Air Pollution, Smoke or Vapors:

When we inhale dust, air pollution, smoke or vapors from any source, including tobacco or cannabis smoke or vapor, we are putting a foreign material into our lungs. The lungs are generally not designed to accept much if any foreign material such as various types of dust, industrial air pollution, smoke or vapor. All of these materials inhaled into the lungs are detected by the body as "foreign material", and the lungs and body normally create at least two responses: 1)coughing, sneezing, and expelling of the foreign material detected, until the foreign material is completely expelled from our bodies through our mouths and noses.

2)Also, the mucous membranes which line the lungs, bronchial tubes, and trachea consist of tiny cells called "motile cilia cells". Each motile cilia cell has a small hair that constantly moves. Together the entire surface of our entire respiratory tract, mouth, and nose consists of these motile cilia cells which all working together in waves constantly push and move mucous and all foreign materials up and out of the lungs, bronchial tubes, and trachea into our throats, and then up toward our lips and nose so that we can spit it out naturally (or swallow it - YUK).

So any foreign material that we don't sneeze or cough out of our mouth and nose will also be removed eventually by the millions of little motile cilia cells that line our entire respiratory tract, and even the insides of our throats, mouths and noses. In fact, the motile cilia cells are what create dried mucous objects in our noses: aka "boogers", aka, "snot", which we also remove by sneezing sometimes.

This coughing, sneezing, and expelling of foreign material from the mouth and nose after inhaling dust, or after smoking or vaping, are not symptoms of disease, in general, but rather symptoms of normal healthy bodily response to foreign material entering the human respiratory tract. Note that all dust, air pollution, vapor and smoke should produce this reaction; if not, we are likely ill or becoming ill.

I've been told by smokers in Dutch cannabis coffee shops that inhaling tobacco smoke, over time, tends to suppress the above described responses. But cannabis tends to increase it. If our body does not expel foreign materials which enter our lungs, we could probably eventually die from that invasion.

Reducing the intake of such smoke or vapors might be a good idea if we want to reduce the resultant coughing, sneezing, etc.

When shooting an arrow, first pull the bowstring back completely - exhale completely first.

"Exhale First" Yogic breathing could save your lungs and life: in any context, here's some advice to help anyone who is having trouble breathing for any reason: practice this form of yogic breathing. Doing so could save your lungs from damage caused by trying to inhale too deeply when you can't seem to catch your breath normally. This can occur in really bad air pollution, after a sports injury or after other injuries, or after too much smoking tobacco or cannabis, or using vape pens.

"Exhale First" Yogic breathing: first exhale completely all the air in your lungs. Pull the bowstring back completely before letting the arrow go. This will increase lung capacity to the maximum. When you think you're finished exhaling completely, press your hand over your stomach and push in your belly bulge until you've really breathed out every molecule of air out of your lungs. Then relax, let go, and allow your body to breath in effortlessly and naturally by bulging out our bellies mostly. Catch your breath. Repeat for a few minutes. This will 1)over time reduce your bulging belly, 2)slow down the heart rate, 3)increase lung capacity a lot, and 4)improve your posture effortlessly, and 5)help prevent any damage to your lungs from trying to breath in beyond the normal limit if you're having trouble catching your breath.

Note that when we inhale, the heart rate increases, but when we exhale, the heart rate decreases. Concentrating on exhaling completely first, should relax us more than concentrating on inhaling. Relaxing more will also increase our lung capacity so that the inhalation is completely effortless and deeper. Pull the bowstring back completely - exhale fully - press down on the belly bulge deliberately to push in the bulge and to push out all the air, before letting go of the arrow - inhaling effortlessly and fully.