"Decrim." policy varies from state to state, jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Sometimes a suspect who pleads guilty under decrim. policy will have a permanent criminal record anyway, sometimes not. I greatly prefer full legality for marijuana. Decrim. policy is often offered for young first offenders. Decrim. policy began in the mid-1960's in the U.K., and in 1971 in the USA for poet John Sinclair in Michigan. The next year, the congressionally created Shafer Commission recommended "decriminalization" for marijuana as a sort-of semi-legalization, semi-criminalization compromise. Currently, most (about 65%) Americans want full legality, or failing that about 90% want legal medical marijuana.

I am currently an undecided voter.

All Lives Do Matter.

(June 26, 2020) Shocking revelation in the U.S. media that board member of "Black Lives Matter" organization is a convicted terrorist who actually plans on using terrorist attacks to change the United States into something radically different.

Violence and terrorism are not the core values for the citizens of the United States. Civil discourse and democratic change among citizens is the core of our system, not violence and fear and chaos.

The 2nd Amendment is not about settling arguments. Guns and other weapons in the USA are for self defense and hunting, not for gang warfare, terrorism, or thievery. I have removed the "black lives matter" statement on this website as I was shocked to learn what was just reported in the media about BLM's connections to terrorism. I'm referring to the BLM's board member being a convicted terrorist.

The unprecedented "revolutionary changes" that took place in the early days of the American republic, do not qualify as being "terrorist" related. An ancient and generally cruel feudal class system came face to face with modern democracy seeking equal rights for all who are mentally capable of civil participation.

It is false that the early American patriots who founded our country were terrorists. The Americans patriots did not generally commit underhanded terrorist attacks against the British. The American patriots did not imprison the British they captured in deadly, inhumane, and filthy conditions, as was done to the Americans captured by the British.

The horrible memories of the "British Prison Ships" in Wallabout Bay, New York City, have provided to us today a nearly forgotton fragment of hell on earth that spurred the American Patriot cause to finally take constructive action to create the current civil American republic where violence and cruelty and physical threats are never encouraged.

Yes, it is true that the term, "British Prison Ship", is a nearly forgotten rallying cry of the American Revolution 1776-1783. But there were American patriots with black skin who were also kept on those ships where most of the prisoners died in horrible conditions.

The forgetting of this horrible inhumane hell by the American people was an automatic process. Humans are not naturally attracted to the inhumane. Terrorism is another inhumane "hell on earth" that is not part of the American tradition.

All lives matter. Generally, no race or group of people should be targeted in the United States. Individuals make decisions, not groups.

If "terrorist groups" with totalitarian tendencies are actually found to exist within our civil nation, we must find and destroy them before they commit terrorist acts against the peaceful, civil, and productive people of the United States who have always welcomed positive change through constructive building of civilization, not through the wrecking ball of terrorism. This civilization we have, that extends all over the world as well, was also constructed by people of all races.

It is unfortunate for all black Americans that a group associated with "some black people" is also a terrorist related group. But let's not throw the baby out with the bath water. Most black people are not part of this insanity of violence and destruction.

The American civil system does not generally use fear and terror as a weapon. The 2nd Amendment is not generally about violent attack, but rather about defense.

No Americans or visitors to our country should live under constant fear and intimidation unless they are themselves authors of such hellish intentions.